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Announcing the "Audio First" Student Game Jam - Summer 2020

Come celebrate the new year with us and let loose with those game design and development skills! In March 2020, the UTS Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology will be hosting the "Audio First" Student Game Jam (Summer 2020).

This two day event is chance for students to let their creativity run wild and create a game from scratch. No grades, no job expectations – just a chance to have fun, meet new people, learn new skills!

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FEIT Student Prototype Exhibition (Spring 2019)

We are very excited to announce that the FEIT Prototype Exhibition (Spring 2019) was an absolute success. The event saw +200 guests from the UTS community (staff, students, alumni), industry partners, research partners, family, friends, and the general public.

100+ students from 10 different project-based subjects presented 32 amazing prototypes that included, but were not limited to: video games, software solutions, interactive media apps, cultural kits, to name a few. Attendees had the chance to interact with our top-performing students, see their fabulous prototypes, and more importantly, helped us judge the best student prototypes of the evening.

And the winners are...

Celebrating 3 years of a successful T&L cross-faculty collaboration

We are pleased to announce that for the third consecutive year, we have joined forces with FASS to facilitate a multidisciplinary collaboration between 3rd-year students in the BSc in Games Development (BGD) and the Bachelor of Music and Sound Design (MSD).

The two cohorts have done an amazing job combining their areas of expertise and have created eight exciting games with fantastic music and sound effects.