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Gaming to help older Australians level up their health



Video games are usually associated with truculent, sedentary youths, but they could be the unlikely answer to helping older Australians get more active. 

Less than one-third of Australians over 65 are getting the recommended level of activity, and exergaming (exercise + gaming) may be the next step.

UTS Game Development Lecturer Dr Jaime Garcia tells Deborah Knight that video games aren’t as bad as they’ve been portrayed.

Could you make a game in 48 hours?

Over the past 2 days, 40+ of our top-performing students have been working very hard on a one-of-a-kind challenge: Create an audio-focused game in less than 48 hours.

8 student groups from 6+ very diverse disciplines within the university (IT, Engineering, Music and Sound Design, Games Dev, Computer Science, etc) have been competing for 3 unique audio-related award categories. 

…And the winners of the night are:

Trial aims to get seniors walking to improve their gaming

University of Technology Sydney researchers are exploring a new concept in exergaming where the game and exercise occur separately to encourage physical activity in seniors.

Exergaming is a form of physical activity that combines exercise and video games.

Project Elaine (Elderly, AI and New Experience) is trialling the exergame Solitaire Fitness Edition with 10 independent-living seniors.

Announcing the "Audio First" Student Game Jam - Summer 2020

Come celebrate the new year with us and let loose with those game design and development skills! In March 2020, the UTS Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology will be hosting the "Audio First" Student Game Jam (Summer 2020).

This two day event is chance for students to let their creativity run wild and create a game from scratch. No grades, no job expectations – just a chance to have fun, meet new people, learn new skills!

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