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PhD Research Projects: Expressions of Interest

Dolby Australia and the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) have joined forces to examine the use of immersive audio in games.  

The project will develop new approaches to sound and game design to create next-level player experiences.  Using practice-based research methods we will create and test a series of game prototypes that feature immersive audio.

As part of this initiative, we are recruiting a team of postgraduate researchers to explore the future of spatial audio in the context of real-time game engines.  Researchers will work in a state-of-the-art studio environment as part of a research team with expert industry, academic, creative and technical support.

THINK: DIGITAL FUTURES: A game to support dementia diagnosis

Dementia is a confronting disease, with many barriers to early diagnosis and lengthy diagnostic processes. Researchers are developing new technologies in the hopes of easing that process.

Sheila and Dale
Fernanda Tavares Vasconcelos Oliveira, PhD student, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
Dr Jaime Garcia, Senior Lecturer in Games Development, University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

Producer/Presenter: Julia Carr-Catzel

Winners of the 2021 UTS Student Games Showcase

We are extremely proud of all the games made by our students and shown at the Student Games Showcase evening. To recognize their hard work and the outstanding levels of sophistication in their semester projects, three awards for the best games of the evening were given away, each with prizes for every member of the winning teams. 

These awards were decided by impartial members of the Sydney games education, development,  and research industries as well as our colleagues and friends.

We proudly present this year's winners!

The 2021 Annual Student Games Showcase (Online Event)

The UTS Games Studio proudly presents the 2021 autumn showcase where we get to show all the remarkable games from a variety subjects in UTS. Did I forget to mention that there will be prizes for the best games?

If you would like to attend this online event, see these extraordinary games, and interact with the students who made them, please register via the link below.