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Walking for superpowers

A new trial is exploring the use of technology to motivate seniors to exercise, writes SANDY CHEU. (Austrlian Ageing Agenda)

The game allows seniors to workout at their own pace in their own time and play the game whenever they wish, says project co-chief investigator Dr Jaime Garcia.   

HDR successes at first round of Candidature Assesments

We would like to congratulate four of our core UTS Games Studio members for recently achieving such an important milestone in their research studies, the confirmation of their candidatures.

For the past year, they have been working very hard on cutting-edge research topics that range from "Exploring the efficiency in Spiking Neural Networks in the context of Gaming", "Exploration of Serious Games for Assisting Pediatric Cancer Patients", through "The Gamification of the Participatory Modelling Process", to "Wearable Technologies to Detect Depression in the Elderly".

Gaming to help older Australians level up their health



Video games are usually associated with truculent, sedentary youths, but they could be the unlikely answer to helping older Australians get more active. 

Less than one-third of Australians over 65 are getting the recommended level of activity, and exergaming (exercise + gaming) may be the next step.

UTS Game Development Lecturer Dr Jaime Garcia tells Deborah Knight that video games aren’t as bad as they’ve been portrayed.