Winners of the Tech Fest Student Game Jam (sponsored by Dolby)

Last June, 60+ of our top-performing students worked very hard on a one-of-a-kind design challenge: create a game where player-player communication is the main mechanic. All in only 48 hours.
To accomplish this, our industry partners from Dolby Laboratories taught us the most advanced features in their latest plugin for Unity.
10 student groups from 6+ very diverse disciplines within the university (IT, Engineering, Music and Sound Design, Games Dev, Computer Science, etc) have competed for 4 unique award categories. 

  • Best use of Spatial Audio
  • Best Player-Player interaction
  • Most Polished Game of the Jam
  • Most Innovative Voice-comms Game Mechanic

.. And the winners are:

Best use of Spatial Audio:

Cookie Hudson - Nick Komin - Michelle Kong - Matthew Truong

Best Player-Player interaction

- Jade Barton

Most Polished Game of the Jam

- Olivia Stewart

Most Innovative Voice-comms Game Mechanic

Samuel Coa - Alister Johnson - Martin Ngyuen

Congratulations to you all !!

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To see a recap of day 1, day 2 and the wrap-up session, please click on the links below:

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Special thanks:

Huge thanks to Braden Riggs, Jordan Sim, Gary Makin (from Dolby Laboratories), Benjamin Walters (our new Honorary member of the UTS Games Studio), and Marell Bito, Michael Lam, Luc Holland (from the UTS Playmakers Student Society).

This student-oriented activity aimed at:

- Creating new spaces for our students to develop expertise in audio and game development in a non-traditional manner.
- Explore ways of integrating industry-relevant content into our curriculum.
- Closing the gap between our students and our industry partners.
- Showcasing the capability of our current students to industry partners and exposing them to industry related “problems”.
- Increasing the visibility of the UTS Games Studio and our discipline.
- Engaging with our current and past students.

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This event is sponsored by Dolby Laboratories and supported by The UTS Playmaker Student Society