Recent News

Workshop on: Agents and Models in Serious Games for Change and Social Good (IVA 2018)

This workshop brings together two key topics in their respective global research fields: intelligent agents and serious game design. Both are proving more important every year as means of engaging large audiences with new ways of thinking about social interaction, entertainment, culture, social policy, the environment and the way we work and learn. Bringing together the concepts, technologies, and methodologies of the two fields holds the potential to allow their combined strengths to further drive engagement, communication, and understanding between innumerable groups around the world.

FEIT Blue Sky funding for the project: Serious Games and Models for Sustainable Futures

Ongoing: William Raffe and Jaime Garcia, in collaboration with Distinguished Prof. Alexey Voinov (SML), were awarded FEIT Blue Sky funding for the project “Serious Games and Models for Sustainable Futures”. The project hired one systems modelling PhD student, Firouzeh Taghikhah, and two top undergraduate BSc.

You + AI + Games

Dr. William Raffe, along with Games Studio PhD candidates and undergraduate students, presented at the You + A.I. Creative Clusters series of  UTS public workshops, organized by Leah Lucas and Claire Marshall from the  UTS Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Creative Intelligence Unit. The specific topic for discussion on the evening was "A.I. and the Future of US", which focused on our changing relationship now and into the future with intelligent machines and covered topics of health, creativity, and ethics.