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Winners of the Playmakers Armless Samurai Gaming Competition

Ealier this week, the Playmakers Student Society in collaboration with the UTS Faculty of Engineering and it held a unique challenge: The Armless Samurai Gaming Competition 

Armless Samurai is a game designed, developed and published by the 2023 UTS Playmakers Development Team.

The competition aimed at testing your skills as you navigate through levels one to three to familiarise yourself with the game mechanics. Then, journey through level four to attain the highest possible score and claim victory.

Waypoint and UTS joined forces to host: Career Launch - En route to the Games Industry

Waypoint and UTS joined forces to host an event on the UTS campus aimed at students looking to understand how people earned the positions they hold and how businesses and hiring managers recruit and look for talent.

This event was part of the UTS Tech Festival 2024 and is open to students from any college, university or campus who want to attend.

Winners of the Tech Fest Student Game Jam (sponsored by MSI)

Earlier this month, 40+ of our top-performing students worked very hard on a one-of-a-kind design challenge. create a game that fits these themes: Cats / Kittens,  Abstract and You can't stop 

11 student groups from 6+ very diverse disciplines within the university (IT, Engineering, Music and Sound Design, Games Dev, Computer Science, etc) have competed for 6 unique award categories. 

2024 Tech Festival | Media Gallery

We would like to express our gratitude to the FEIT community for supporting the 2024 UTS Tech Festival, an initiative that aims at elevating the experience of our students and connecting them with our industry partners. 

It was great seeing you at the various events. Our industry partners, students, and the organising committee truly appreciated your presence at these events.

Here are some images from the most significant events, including: