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Announcing the Inaugural UTS Student Game Jam!

Come celebrate the end of the year with us and let loose with those game design and development skills! In November 2018, the UTS Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology will be hosting their Inaugural Student Game Jam. This two day event is chance for students to let their creativity run wild and create a game from scratch. No grades, no job expectations – just a chance to have fun, meet new people, learn new skills!

Dates: Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th November 2018

Location: CB.07.03.10B / G .

Lights! Camera! Assassination!

At a career crossroad, Adam Bursill’s passion for programming led him to enrol in a Bachelor of Science in Games Development at UTS in 2016 and co-create an award-winning game at this year’s Student Games Showcase.

In Reaper Co – A Hollowood Adventure, you play one of Death’s minions on a mission: navigate a blockbuster movie set, locate a ridiculously-named star and snuff him out. A bit of a showbiz commentary, perhaps? “There’s definitely no anti-Hollywood vibe,” laughs Adam Bursill, who created the game with Philip Johan Aubert, Sebastian Du Toit and Matthew Andrews.