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Powerhouse Museum Curator Chloe Appleby shares her Best Games of 2023

If The Hue Fits by Georgia Athanasopoulos, Emily Kinder, Jesica Nikolovska, Charles Pearse, Donna Tanner and Naomi Little is a free, student-made game that takes all these elements and blends them together to create one of the most unique and fun concepts for a game.

Hitting ‘huemans’ likened to famous artists with a paintbrush to cure them, and then growing seeds to make more paint is so much fun! I never knew I needed to see Vincent Van Gough and Frida Kahlo running at me until now. I haven’t stopped thinking about it since the University of Technology student showcase, as it was such a unique concept.

Seeing not only this game at the showcase, but a predominantly women-led creative force behind it, makes me so excited for the future of Sydney (and wider Australian) games!

Massive UTS Game Dev Alumni reunion

Last December, 43 graduates from the Bachelor of Games Development from all year levels came back to Uni for a one-of-a-kind event: The 2023 UTS Games Deve Alumni Hangout.

Our graduates have become very accomplished professionals with positions that range from: Game Designer, Game Systems Programmer, Technical/FX Artist, Technical Director, Real-Time Developer, Software Developer, and Android Engineer, among others.

This event was very successful in:

Playmakers wins the ActivateUTS ‘Initiative of the Year’ Award for 2023

Last Friday, Playmakers won the ActivateUTS ‘Initiative of the Year’ Award for 2023. This was the result of the efforts done on Playmakers Development Team (PDT) this year!

PDT is a student-led games studio run by Playmakers and the FEIT faculty, giving students first-hand experience on the process of games dev in a workplace environment, working collaboratively in a discipline-focused team structure.

Industry Talk by THALES: Immersive Simulations

Last Friday morning we had the pleasure of hearing from Philip Swadling, Chris Joslin and Andrew Sheldon-Collins from Thales where they explained what Thales is all about, some exciting work that has been done in the past and some novel advanced applications of familiar game technologies.

This talk helped further broaden the perspectives of the students, challenging ideas of what games are and how they can be used to achieve serious training outcomes in highly immersive simulations.