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UTS Tech Festival | Media Gallery

We would like to express our gratitude to the FEIT community for supporting the 2022 UTS Tech Festival, an initiative that aims at elevating the experience of our students and connecting them with our industry partners. 

It was great seeing you at the various events. Our industry partners, students, and the organising committee truly appreciated your presence at these events.

Here are some images from the most significant event, including:

Winners of the 6th annual UTS Student Games Showcase

We are glad to share that the 6th annual UTS Student Games Showcase (Autumn 2022) was an absolute success!!!

After 2 years of lockdowns and online events, it was great to see how the UTS Games Studio community came together in a night of celebration and fun.
We had the opportunity to catch up with graduates from different cohorts (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021). More than a showcase, this was a family reunion.

So far, this has been the biggest showcase the UTS Games Studio has ever hosted. 
The event saw 300+ guests including all our research partners, industry partners, students, colleagues, and friends.

This year we hand-picked 27 of the best games from our core game subjects from the Bachelor of Science in Games Development

Could you make an iOS App in 48 hours?

For 2 days last week, 30+ of our top-performing students from the University of Technology Sydney have been working very hard on a one-of-a-kind challenge: Create an iOS app that solves a problem faced by everyday Australians.

9 student groups from over 10 very diverse disciplines within the university (Computer Science, Information Technology, Interaction Design, Design in Animation, Software Engineering, Data Engineering, Information Systems, Games Development, to name a few) have been competing for 2 prizes.

UTS Tech Festival: Student Games Showcase

We are pleased to invite you to the annual UTS Autumn Student Games Showcase.

It is a chance to celebrate our students' accomplishments this semester and show-off their skills as game designers/developers to a wider audience.

Join us for an evening of playing games made by UTS students at various stages of their study, networking with industry and research partners, and enjoying free food, and prizes!