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Health Points Podcast: Health Gamification Research

S2E5: Jaime Garcia <>developing serious games for older adults & pregnant women + health gamification research

We have Dr. Jaime Garcia joining us, who is a senior lecturer in games development at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) with a background in software engineering at NeuRA (Neuroscience Research Australia), primarily designing, developing and maintaining fall prevention video games and mobile apps for the Falls Balance Injury Research Centre.

Workshop on Game Engine Architecture | 2023 UTS Tech Fest

Last June, the UTS Games Studio had the opportunity to participate in the second iteration of the UTS Tech Festival, a 2-week event that aims at bringing together current students, academics, industry partners and like-minded tech enthusiasts to take part in an array of activities including hackathons, workshops, industry panels and student showcases.

This year, we joined forces with our student societies (Playmakers and the Gamers Guild) and our industry partners (from Dolby, NVIDIA) to create a unique program full of exciting and diverse game events. 

2023 UTS Tech Festival | Media Gallery

We would like to express our gratitude to the FEIT community for supporting the 2023 UTS Tech Festival, an initiative that aims at elevating the experience of our students and connecting them with our industry partners. 

It was great seeing you at the various events. Our industry partners, students, and the organising committee truly appreciated your presence at these events.

Here are some images from the most significant event, including: