HDR successes at early-year round of Candidature Assessments

We would like to congratulate four of our core UTS Games Studio members for recently achieving very important milestones in their research studies: 4 successful candidature assessments.

For the past couple of years, they have been working very hard on cutting-edge research topics that range from "AI-driven navigation in 3D Game Environments", through the "Exploration of Cooperation between AI and Humans", "Developing Solutions to Improve Accessibility in VR", "Exploration of Cognitive Load in VR to enhance Skills Aquicision" and the "Development of Game Development Practices to ensure Preservation"

Today, we are very pleased to announce that these one-of-a-kind projects have taken a step closer to completion.

Here are our successful HDR Candidates:

Ph.D Candidate, Dale Grant

Project: Deep Reinforcement Learning for Navigation in Dynamic Digital Environments

CA3 confirmed on Jan 2024


Masters by Research Candidate, Edward Su

Project: Better Understanding of Humans for Cooperative AI through Clustering

CA3 confirmed on Feb 2024


Master by Research Candidate, Erin Heathcote

Project: An analytical framework for better access within Virtual Reality

CA1 confirmed on the March 2024


Master by Research Candidate, Luke Turner

Project: Investigating Brain-Computer Interface and Virtual Reality in Skill Acquisition: An Experimental Study

CA1 confirmed on the March 2024


Masters by Research, David Schutte

Project: It’s More Than Emulation - Towards a Proactive Approach to Games Preservation

CA1 confirmed on March 2024


The UTS Games Studio team would like to congratulate these candidates on their successes and wish them a very fruitful year ahead.