Incredible researchers have been awarded grants under CRE HiPP's PhD Research Support Grant Scheme. Congratulations Gemechu Kumera

Gemechu Kumera, University of Technology, Sydney: “Antenatal exercise using an innovative exergame program”

Exergames may be a promising alternate way to encourage pregnant women to engage in a regular exercise program, but their feasibility has not yet been studied in this target group. In the first part of this study, a multidisciplinary team of experts evaluated the Nintendo Switch exercise programs, and concluded they can be used in pregnancy, provided the exercises are safe for each trimester and tailored to the individual. In the next phase of this project, Mr Kumera will investigate the feasibility of these Nintendo programs among pregnant women through a small-scale feasibility study. This will be followed by a larger randomized clinical trial to investigate the effects of antenatal exercise using exergames on pregnancy and birth outcomes.

Said Mr Kumera, “I am very grateful to CRE HiPP and excited to be awarded with this grant. These funds will help me to cover the costs of attending and presenting at the first international congress on Exercise and Wellbeing in Pregnancy in Italy. This conference is a key opportunity for networking and meeting with internationally renowned experts in this field, as well as policy leads and industry representatives.”

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