Outstanding Paper Award at the GET2022 Conference. Congratulations Elena & Madiha

The paper "Gamification Of Discussoo: An Online Ai-Based Forum For Serious Discussions" was selected for the Outstanding Paper Award at the 15th International Conference on Game and Entertainment Technologies 2022

Congratulations to the authors: Elena Bakhanova, Madiha Anjum, Jaime A. Garcia, William L. Raffe and Alexey Voinov on this success story.


Engagement in the discussion process is one of the common challenges of asynchronous online forums.

It becomes especially crucial if the discussion is organized over a serious topic about a complex problem with a group of diverse stakeholders.

Gamification gives much promise in addressing this challenge.

In this paper, we propose possible game design solutions to the engagement challenge for an existing online AI-based platform Discussoo and reflect on the results from the expert interviews and experiment with students.