Could you make an iOS App in 48 hours?

For 2 days last week, 30+ of our top-performing students from the University of Technology Sydney have been working very hard on a one-of-a-kind challenge: Create an iOS app that solves a problem faced by everyday Australians.

9 student groups from over 10 very diverse disciplines within the university (Computer Science, Information Technology, Interaction Design, Design in Animation, Software Engineering, Data Engineering, Information Systems, Games Development, to name a few) have been competing for 2 prizes.

First Place = Apple Gift Card to the value of iPad Air + Apple Pencil  for each team member.
Second Place = Apple Gift Card to the value of 3rd gen AirPods for each team member.

… and the teams are:

Penny Lane


Justin, Ramon, Leo, Jeffrey
iOS App =  Alfred | A way to order what you want from wherever you want and get it delivered on the same day



Liam, Emma, Michael, Hieu
iOS App =  FoodieSpot | a personalised restaurant finder



Yang, Sherwin, Arnav, Andrew
iOS App = Food Launch | Binning food waste

The Regulars


John Collins, Hin Ho, Donna Tanner, Christopher Averkos
iOS App =  Organiser Natasha | a tool for helping you increase organisation and productivity by reminding you to do things when it's most relevant



Wasapatkorn, Niyumi, Palvi, Georgette
iOS App =  Reach | Embodying the Community, an app to improve engagement and knowledge with your local community.



Claire, Dahee, Kin, Yan
iOS App =  Recipe Scramble | a recipe generator.

Anchor Man

Ollie, Wenzheng, Matthew, George
iOS App =  Ideate | a non-biased news aggregator

Innovation collective


John, Nicholas, Vincent, Nadeen
iOS App =  Gaia (guy-a) | a recycling app powered by ML


iOS App= TherapEasy | Identify what type of therapy you or your child might need

…And the winners of the event are:

First Place

Innovation collective

John, Nicholas, Vincent, Nadeen
iOS App =  Gaia (guy-a) | a recycling app powered by ML

Second Place


Yang, Sherwin, Arnav, Andrew
iOS App =  Food Launch | Binning food waste

Media Gallery

To see a recap of day 1, day 2 and the wrap-up session, please click on the links below:


We would like to thank all the contributions made by our colleagues and friends, especially to:

Our industry partners from Commonwealth Bank (Jessey Fung, Imran Raheem, Evan Karjalainen, Robert Bernardini, Navdeep Singh, Karl Bowden), Bilue (Cameron Barrie, Luke Pearce, Balazs Szamody, Daniel Slone , Paulina Grabowska) and TEX (Darren Scott, Kunal Bhusare) for assisting with the planning of the event, opening the event, a very insightful  series of inspiring workshop on iOS Design and Development and their exceptional mentoring throughout the two days.

Prof Paul Kennedy (Head of School, Computer Science), Prof Ian Burnett (Dean), Prof Michael Blumenstein (Deputy Dean, Research & Strategy), A/Prof Anne Gardner (Associate Dean. T&L), and the FEIT Engagement Team (Sarah Rodriguez, Jason Do, Sam Ferguson, Jaime Garcia) for providing us with all the necessary resources to organise a very successful event.

Our dedicated judging panel: Karl, Avinash, Firas, Balazs, Jenny and Cameron. Thank you for taking the time to come and help us choose the iOS apps developed by the students.

Our amazing students for taking time out of their busy lives to come to the university to participate in a T&L activity after the semester had ended.

About the iOS Student Hackathon (2022)

In June 2022, the UTS Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology hosted the 2022 iOS Student Hackathon.

Hosted by our incredible industry partners Bilue and Commonwealth Bank who will mentor students through the two day experience.

This two day event will unlock their creativity as they create an iOS application from scratch in your teams and with the support of industry mentors. No grades, no job expectations – just a chance to have fun, meet new people and learn new skills.

This student-oriented activity aimed at:

  • Creating new spaces for our students to develop expertise in iOS Design and Development in a project-based fun manner.
  • Explore ways of integrating industry-relevant content into our curriculum.
  • Closing the gap between our students and our industry partners.
  • Showcasing the capability of our current students to industry partners and exposing them to industry related “problems”.
  • Engaging with our current and past students.

Student Feedback 

"Thanks for hosting the Hackathon over the last two days, it was super stressful but a fun and valuable experience."

"It was amazing to see what everyone else managed to come up with and produce over the two days and the whole experience proved to me that I want to be a software engineer. "

"Thank you for organising the Hackathon event, it was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience. "

For more information on future events and visit