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Updated: 1 hour 7 min ago

Best Lego Disney And Pixar Black Friday Deals, Including Elsa's Ice Castle From Frozen

Sun, 11/26/2023 - 13:53

Legos are for everyone nowadays. For Black Friday, Lego has multiple Disney- and Pixar-themed sets on sale, containing between a couple hundred to a couple thousand pieces. Our list covers sets for Lego fans between pre-school and working age, so read through the list to see which ones work for you (or your loved ones). After all, what could be a toy for an elementary schooler could be home decor for an older fan. Here are a few highlights to start.

Disney's Frozen Ice Castle is one of the most challenging sets on sale. The Ice Castle, Elsa's runaway home from Frozen, contains a 25.5" in tall replica of the castle, recreated down to the little ice spires. It's currently 20% off, plus a free Winter Market Stall set gift for those who order straight from the Lego website. If you'd rather have an sea-themed set (or much shorter building), the Little Mermaid Royal Clamshell includes a 12.5" tall clamshell, embellished with undersea details like seaweed, coral, and fish.

Frozen Ice Castle comes with free set

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The Coolest Cars From TV And Film Are On Sale, But They Are For Your Kid's Playroom

Sun, 11/26/2023 - 03:22

They don't make cars like they used to, which is a good thing for the environment and a terrible thing for anyone who grew up on '80s TV shows and movies that starred four-wheeled vehicles that helped speed up global warming. Fortunately, there's a Black Friday sale on automotive nostalgia from PlayMobil that'll allow you to celebrate the pop culture past with some cute model kits. Plus, you won't even need to worry about filling up the tank on these little replicas!


First up, there's the Knight Industries Two Thousand Pontiac Trans-Am, or as Knight Rider aficionados call it, KITT. This model does come with a removable roof, flip-up headlights, and a gloriously permed David Hasslehoof, but it's beast feature is a built-in selection of original K.I.T.T. voice clips that can be activated by touching the hood. You'll also get minifigures of Knight Industries CEO Devon Miles and mechanic Bonnie Barstow in this set, and with 53 pieces to assemble, it's a quick and fun little diversion. Just remember to only push the turbo button when you really need to.

If you love it when a PlayMobil building plan comes together, then you'll definitely want this 69-piece A-Team set. You'll get the gang's signature van that they used when they were on missions, and inside you'll find interior equipment like a monitor, welding machine, operation boards, a cabinet, and a perforated wall for various accessories. The full team is here as well, so you can have fun posing Hannibal, B.A. Baracus, Face, and Murdock next to the A-Team van. Just keep B.A away from any airplanes, if you don't want to be on the receiving end of his pity.

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PS5 Slim Digital Is Available Now, But These Black Friday Bundles Are Better Deals

Sun, 11/26/2023 - 02:45

The new PS5 Slim Digital Edition is now available at major retailers, including Amazon and Best Buy. Retailing for $450--an increase of $50 versus the original PS5 Slim--the console is a sleeker version of the same hardware. It's not included in any Black Friday sales, but we imagine it will still be a popular holiday item in the coming weeks. If you so choose, you can add a disc drive to the PS5 Slim Digital at a later date. The disc drive is available at Amazon for $80, but it already sold out at Best Buy.

PS5 Digital Edition Slim Console

It's worth noting that spending $450 on the PS5 Slim Digital during Black Friday probably won't offer the most bang for your buck for most people. And increasing the price to $530 with the disc drive certainly isn't advisable at this time. That's because of the PS5 Slim Black Friday bundles.

For example, you can get a PS5 Slim with a disc drive and a new game like Marvel's Spider-Man 2 or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for $499 instead of $560.

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Sego Astro City Mini Gets A Nice Discount For Black Friday

Sun, 11/26/2023 - 02:21

Sega's Astro City arcade cabinet is widely regarded as one of the most iconic coin-operated gaming machines of all time, and for Black Friday, you can get your hands on an adorable replica of this gaming device. A 1/6 scale reproduction, the Sega Astro City Mini is currently on sale for $100, a pretty decent 23% discount from its usual $130 selling price.

Sega Astro City Mini

This isn't just a mini-replica in looks, but also in design as you get a fully-functioning arcade cabinet to play games on. The Astro City Mini has a built-in 480 x 800 LCD screen, an HDMI-out port, a headphone jack, and two USB-A ports that you can plug a controller into in case you don't feel like using the joystick and action buttons, although these are hard to come by and go for a high price on eBay. As for the games, you'll get 36 great games and Altered Beast installed on the unit:

  • Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars
  • Alien Syndrome
  • Alien Storm
  • Altered Beast
  • Arabian Fight
  • Bonanza Bros
  • Columns
  • Columns II
  • Cotton
  • Crack Down
  • Dark Edge
  • Dottori Kun (Dot Race)
  • Fantasy Zone
  • Flicky
  • Gain Ground
  • Golden Axe
  • Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder
  • Ichidant-R
  • Ninja Princess
  • Puyo Puyo
  • Puyo Puyo Tsu
  • Puzzle & Action: Tant-R
  • Quartet 2
  • Rad Mobile
  • Scramble Spirits
  • Seishun Scandal / My Hero
  • Shadow Dancer
  • Shinobi
  • Sonic Boom
  • Space Harrier
  • Stack Columns
  • Thunder Force AC
  • Virtua Fighter
  • Wonder Boy
  • Wonder Boy in Monster Land
  • Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair

Overall, this is a pretty fun addition to any gaming collection. It'll look great on a shelf when not in use, it might make for a thoughtful gift, and you can relive the arcade classics of the past on it. It's worth noting that the Astro City Mini V, another 1/6 scale replica is also on sale for Black Friday at $110 (normally $160).

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Black Friday Gaming Keyboard And Mouse Deals - Save On Razer, Corsair, And More

Sat, 11/25/2023 - 17:28

Keyboards and mice are a key part of every battlestation, but they can be quite pricey. It's not uncommon to see premium gear listed for well over $100, and you might be more inclined to spend that extra cash buying a beefier computer or springing for a nice monitor. Thanks to Black Friday, you can pick up premium gaming keyboards and gaming mice for some of the lowest prices ever.

Below you'll find an assortment of gear from top brands like Razer, SteelSeries, and Corsair. Keep in mind that Black Friday is the busiest shopping holiday of the year, so some of the best deals are bound to go out of stock.

Retro Mice and Keyboards

If you're looking for something off the beaten path, check out the 8BitDo Retro Mechanical Keyboard. It might look incredibly old-school, but it offers modern mechanical switches, powerful software to customize its performance, and a slew of programmable buttons. It's also on sale for just $90 for Black Friday. Note: the 8BitDo mouse is not on sale. We included it here in case you want a mouse that matches your keyboard.

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Snag 8 Steam Deck Games For Only $10 For A Limited Time

Sat, 11/25/2023 - 17:14

There are a lot of Black Friday sales right now, but if you're looking for a specific roundup of PC games that work on your Steam Deck without any fuss, then you've clicked on the right article. Fanatical's Play On The Go bundle has some pretty tempting offers, but the main takeaway from this winter edition of the promotion is that all of the games on offer are Steam Deck Verified. That means that you can install them and start playing right away, without needing to worry about making extensive tweaks in the menu settings.

Fanatical Play On The Go: Winter Edition Bundle See on Fanatical
  • Super Catboy
  • Garden Story
  • Terror of Hemasaurus
  • Jack Move
  • Castle on the Coast
  • The Tarnishing of Juxtia
  • Arise: A Simple Story
  • Zombie Army Trilogy
  • Beyond the Long Night
  • ATONE: Heart of the Elder Tree
  • The Smurfs - Mission Vileaf
  • Hero's Hour
  • Roki
  • Home Sweet Home EP2
  • Pathologic 2
  • Moonlighter

For $5, you'll get three games to choose from, while $7 gets you five games and $10 gets you eight titles. The games on offer include some hidden gems, with one of the standout titles being Zombie Army Trilogy. From Sniper Elite developer Rebellion, Zombie Army Trilogy does exactly what it says on the box, as you go behind undead enemy lines and take on Hitler's unholy army. The gunplay is great, the gore is gruesome, and the online co-op multiplayer makes for some fun times.

Then there's Super Catboy, a weirdly charming and action-packed platformer that combines feline agility with superhero powers. You'll have to overcome obstacles and cunning enemies in a game that pays tribute to the 16-bit golden era of the platforming genre. Up for something more terrifying? Then check out Pathologic 2, a hauntingly atmospheric survival-thriller in which your consequences can have deadly consequences as you explore a small town overcome by a deadly plague.

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Grab The Godfather Trilogy On 4K At Amazon For Cheap

Sat, 11/25/2023 - 17:08

For Black Friday, Amazon is about to make you a Blu-ray offer that you can't refuse. The Godfather trilogy, one of the greatest crime dramas of all time, is on sale in one convenient package and priced at $40. Normally you'd pay $91 for this set, but this is a massive 56% discount for the entire trilogy that has been remastered in 4K ultra high-definition.

See on Amazon

The first Godfather film set a high bar when it was first released in 1972, and it features a stacked cast of Hollywood's best actors. Marlon Brando was almost unrecognizable as the Corleone family don, Vito Corleone, and he's joined by Al Pacino, Robert Duvall, and a box of cannoli that's to die for. Directed by Francis Ford Coppola, The Godfather is a slow-burning tale of revenge and legacy that earned critical acclaim.

It was followed up by a sequel in 1974 that remained highly influential in the gangster genre and it's widely regarded as one of the best sequels of all time. With Al Pacino's character of Michael Corleone in the spotlight, The Godfather Part II weaves an intricate story that makes it both a sequel and a prequel.

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Black Friday Gaming Speakers Deals - Save Big On SteelSeries And Razer Products

Sat, 11/25/2023 - 16:59

Gaming upgrades typically focus on the visual side, but you can never discount the audio part of this equation. For Black Friday 2023, there are some excellent speaker deals available from a number of big brands in this field that you can use to add that touch of immersion to your gaming setup.

First up, there's SteelSeries and its line of surround sound setups. Relatively new in this space, SteelSeries is offering some sizable discounts on its Arena 7 and Arena 9 hardware. The Arena 7 is priced at $240 (normally $300) and this package includes two stylish two-way speakers and a subwoofer. These also feature Reactive PrimSync that turns your audio into a light show with its array of LEDs, as well as wire-free and immersive audio with its Bluetooth connections. You're also free to use a more traditional mode of connectivity and you can adjust the audio with the Sonar Spatial program to make it sound just right.

SteelSeries Arena 9

For a more full-featured experience, the $420 Arena 9 (normally $550) includes two front and two rear speakers, a dedicated channel speaker, and a subwoofer. This has all of the same features as the Arena 7, as well as an informative OLED screen with multiple functions and an Arena wireless mic for when you feel like chatting. If space is at a premium, you can pick up the SteelSeries Arena 3 for $90 (normally $120), a pretty sturdy and reliable set desktop speakers.

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From Software Books Are B2G1 Free At Amazon

Sat, 11/25/2023 - 09:45

Dozens of books and comics based on FromSoftware's games are included in Amazon's Buy 2 Get 1 deal, where you can get three books for the price of two. Even better, most of the books in the deal are already discounted during Black Friday in addition to the B2G1 deal, making this the perfect chance to snag a stack of FromSoftware books for cheap.

Elden Ring Official Art Book Volumes 1 and 2

The deal has dozens of books, but FromSoftware fans will be most interested in the various art books and graphic novels featuring Elden Ring, Dark Souls, and Bloodborne, such as the English version of the two-part Elden Ring: Official Art Book. You can grab Volume One for $45 (normally $60) and Volume Two for $49.30 (normally $60). Both volumes feature concept art, production materials, and official illustrations from the game.

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Build A Huge Rollercoaster Out Of Lego With This Black Friday Deal

Sat, 11/25/2023 - 05:46

Just about every aspect of life can be recreated in Lego, and for Black Friday, you can grab this Lego Loop Coaster set that allows you to build your very own rollercoaster. Designed to be a showpiece that captures the spirit of a theme park's biggest attraction, the Loop Coaster is an impressive piece of Lego engineering once fully constructed and is on sale for $300 (normally $400).

See on The Lego Store

It'll measure 33.5 inches in length and it'll be 36 inches tall at its highest point. Even better, this is a working rollercoaster thanks to its gravity-driven design, and it comes with 11 minifigures, one train, and a boarding station with opening barriers and a control panel. There are some delightful small touches here, like the option to secure your riders in their seats, reversible faces so that you can capture their excitement, a park bench with map, balloon cart, pretzel cart, hot dog stand, height marker, and a covered boarding station with opening barriers and a control panel.

For the minifigures, you'll get a ride operator, balloon seller, pretzel seller, hot dog seller, a grandma, a kid who is definitely below the height requirement, and five riders. There's even an option to turn this set into a fully functioning display piece with motorized parts, although these are sold separately. Fortunately, these are also on sale, and you'll only need a Technic large motor and a battery box to add a spark of creativity to your build.

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Where Is Xur Today? (November 24-28) Destiny 2 Exotic Items And Xur Location Guide

Sat, 11/25/2023 - 04:02

After a spooky couple of months, Season of the Witch is coming to a close next week. Before the Season of the Wish introduces a new period of activity in Destiny 2, Xur is making his regular stop in the Solar system with a fresh selection of Exotic gear and Legendary-class items. Here's where you can find Xur this weekend and what the Agent of the Nine has for sale.

This week you can find Xur in the EDZ, in the Winding Cove area. For his weapon, Xur is offering Tractor Cannon. Hunters can pick up Gemini Jester leg armor; Titans can grab the Peregrine Greaves leg armor; and Warlocks can buy the Phoenix Protocol armor.

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8BitDo Arcade Stick For Switch And PC Gets Rare Discount For Black Friday

Sat, 11/25/2023 - 02:13

8BitDo's Arcade Stick controller for Nintendo Switch and PC is down to $72 (was $90) in Amazon's and Best Buy's big Black Friday sales. This stellar arcade stick rarely receives discounts, so this 20% discount is significant. Alternatively, Prime members can get the Xbox/PC edition of this fight stick for $96 (was $120) in black or white.

See at Amazon See at Best Buy

The 8BitDo Arcade Stick is perfect for fighting games like Mortal Kombat 1 or Street Fighter VI, as well as classic arcade games like Streets of Rage.

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Lego Hogwarts Express And More Harry Potter Building Kits Are On Sale For Black Friday

Fri, 11/24/2023 - 21:53

Lego is no stranger to teaming up with some of the biggest brands in the world to create constructive collaborations, and for Black Friday, you can find some excellent discounts on the toy brand's line of Harry Potter sets. For anyone looking to recapture the magic of the iconic train station platform that ferried Hogwarts students to and from the famous academy, the charming Hogwarts Express Collector's Edition Lego set has been discounted 20%, dropping the price to $400 (down from $500. You'll also get two free Lego gifts with your order. This is just one of many great deals in Lego's Black Friday weekend sale.

See at Lego Store

This is a particularly hard-to-find set that quickly sells out whenever stock is available, which is impressive considering the high price tag. Because you'll be spending more than $250 during Lego's Black Friday sale, you'll get two free gifts: Winter Market Stall (271 pieces) and Majisto's Magical Workshop (365 pieces).

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Lego Black Panther Statue Is On Sale For A Steeply Reduced Price For Black Friday

Fri, 11/24/2023 - 21:13

One of the coolest Lego sets, an elegant bust of King T'Challa in full Black Panther garb, is on sale for Black Friday. Normally $350, this impressive build-it-yourself display piece has been discounted to $210, and if you've been pondering picking one of these sets up, this weekend is the time to do it. Once it is gone, it is gone, as this set will be discontinued after the promotion ends.

Lego Black Panther See on The Lego Store

What makes this set is so cool is that it accurately captures the spirit of the Black Panther with its Wakanda forever salute and numerous other small details. The bust is predominantly black and silver in color, 18 inches tall when fully assembled, has detachable hands with articulated fingers for a custom display, and it has a sturdy base with an attached logo plate.

As an added bonus you'll get the Winter Market Stall with this--or any other Lego Store purchase of $170 or more--a delightful little holiday season set that could make for a quick gift for any younger members in your social circle. Talk about deconstructing two Lego birds with one stone, right?

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Horizon Forbidden West Lego Set Is On Sale For Its Lowest Price Ever

Fri, 11/24/2023 - 19:19

Lego's Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck set is down to just $53 at Amazon. The kit normally sells for $90, making this special Black Friday deal the lowest price we've seen for it yet. The deal is one of several notable brand-new offers at Amazon for Black Friday. The other two: the Lego Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block set for $140 (was $200) and Lego Marvel Spider-Man Daily Bugle for $244 (was $350).

See at Amazon

Inspired by the giant mechanical creatures from the Horizon video game series, the 1,222-piece Lego set stands nearly 14 inches tall when assembled and features movable parts. The kit also includes pieces for a Watcher enemy with multiple eye color choices, a minifigure of Horizon's protagonist Aloy, and a buildable display stand featuring environmental details like trees, grass, a dilapidated traffic light, and more.

The Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck Lego set is a popular set even at full price, and we suspect this massive discount could sell out, so head over to Amazon and grab the majestic mechanized lifeform while it's still available.

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Lego Spider-Man Daily Bugle Set Deal - Save Over $100 At Amazon For Black Friday

Fri, 11/24/2023 - 19:10

The Lego Marvel Spider-Man Daily Bugle Office set just got a huge Black Friday discount at Amazon. The deal brings the epic kit down to $244 (was $350) for a limited time, saving you over 30% on one of the coolest Lego Marvel sets. Below the price, you'll see the percent of sets that have been claimed--we'd expect this one to sell out. It's one of three very good Lego deals that went live today at Amazon. You can also get the Lego Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block Set for $140 (was $200) and the Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck for $53 (was $90).

See at Amazon

The massive, 3,772-piece kit assembles into a four-floor Daily Bugle building that stands over 32 inches tall and features a whopping 25 minifigures of various Spider-Man characters. The minifigures include, of course, Spider-Man himself (and a Peter Parker minifigure in his everyday work clothes) as well as other heroes like Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen, Spider-Ham, Black Cat, The Punisher, Daredevil, Firestar, and Blade. There are also plenty of villain minifigures like Venom, Carnage, Green Goblin, Sandman, Mysterio, and Doc Oc.

Lego Spider-Man Daily Bugle

The building features removable facades that reveal the fully furnished floors and offices of the Daily Bugle newspaper--including even more minifigures like J. Jonah Jameson and Robbie Robertson. There are also exterior features like a billboard, newsstand, cars, and tons of other accessories for creating epic Spider-Verse scenes.

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PS5 Discounted To $350 At Target - Today-Only Black Friday Deal

Fri, 11/24/2023 - 19:00
See at Target

Target is selling the PS5 for $350 right now as part of its Black Friday sale. This deal is available today only, November 24, and is exclusive to Target Circle members (free rewards program). You have to order online and pick up the PS5 at your local Target store; this deal is not available for delivery. To take advantage of the $350 price, you have to click "save offer" on this page and then add the console to your cart using the button below (or above).

See at Target

In the three years since the PS5's launch, the console has received outright discounts very few times, and it's never been discounted to anywhere close to this price. $450 has essentially been the low, and even that would be notable. Speaking of that, Amazon has the PS5 on sale for $450. It's unclear if Amazon will price-match Target's offer, but Amazon has been matching most of Target's Black Friday deals. However, if Amazon has the PS5 for $350, it'll sell out even faster.

So, why the heck is Target selling the PS5 for $350? Well, it probably has something to do with the launch of the PS5 Slim earlier this month. The PS5 Slim has replaced the standard PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition. PlayStation has ceased production on the original pair of consoles in favor of the more compact refreshed models. It's worth stressing that the PS5 Slim is exactly the same as the PS5, other than the 30% size reduction.

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Lego Avengers Tower Is Available Now Alongside Lego Store Black Friday Sale

Fri, 11/24/2023 - 16:10

Lego comes in all shapes and sizes, but for anyone looking to build something massive, then the new Lego Avengers Tower is not to be missed. Based on the Stark skyscraper that would eventually become the headquarters of Earth's mightiest mortals, this building stands over 35 inches tall when completed and has over 5,000 pieces in its construction. The set just launched on Lego's site for $500, and we'd expect it to sell out.

See at Lego Store

You get multiple free gifts with your order as part of Lego's Black Friday sale. This includes the Winter Market Stall (271 pieces), Majisto's Magical Workshop (365 pieces), and Lego Marvel Taxi (150 pieces). The Marvel Taxi is exclusive to Lego Insiders who buy the Avengers Tower, so this cool little taxi with four minifigures is a collector's item.

Just be aware that you may have to wait in a queue before being able to purchase the set. Alongside the release of Lego Avengers Tower, the Lego Store kicked off its Black Friday sale, which has led to influx of Lego enthusiasts looking for deals. Standout offers in the Black Friday sale include the Razor Crest ship (6,187 pieces) from Star Wars: The Mandalorian for $420 (was $600) and the very cool Loop Coaster set (3,756 pieces) for $300 (was $400). Plus, the Lion Knights' Castle (4,514 pieces), a Lego Icons set, is on sale for $300 (was $400). We've included a list of standout Lego Store Black Friday deals at the bottom of this article.

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Black Friday Amazon Deal - Prime Members Can Get 2 Free Audiobooks To Keep

Fri, 11/24/2023 - 13:01

Amazon is offering special discounts on Kindle Unlimited and Audible subscriptions during the online retailer's Black Friday sale. There are multiple deals available for both services, making for the perfect excuse to catch up on some books for ebook readers and audiobook listeners alike.

Kindle Unlimited Black Friday deal

Let's start with the Kindle Unlimited deals. New users can sign up and get three months of Kindle Unlimited for just $1 or one month free. Kindle Unlimited offers a library of over four million ebooks and digital magazines to read and thousands of audiobooks to listen to at no extra charge.

After the promotional period, your account will automatically roll over to the full $12/month subscription, but you can cancel your membership at any time.

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Get A 12-Month Peacock Subscription For Only $20 For A Limited Time

Fri, 11/24/2023 - 12:44

NBC' is offering a special Black Friday discount on new subscriptions to its Peacock streaming service. You can join the ad-supported Peacock Premium or renew a previously canceled subscription for either $2/month for 12 months (normally $6/month), or $20 for a year (normally $60/year).

To get the reduced subscription price, you need to create a free Peacock account or sign in with an existing profile, then use one of the promo codes when prompted. Use code BIGDEAL for the $2/month discount, or YEARLONG for the $20/year price. Both discounts apply for the first year of service, after which your plan will roll over to the full monthly or yearly subscription price unless you cancel before it renews.

Join Peacock Premium

Peacock Premium offers thousands of on-demand movies and TV shows, including NBC properties like The Office and Saturday Night Live, plus over 50 live TV channels and live NBC sports events. This is a perfect deal if you want something to watch while relaxing at home or traveling for the upcoming holidays.

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