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Leap Into The Lore Of Assassin's Creed Ahead Of Shadows With These Discounted Books

Fri, 05/17/2024 - 23:30

If the full reveal of Assassin's Creed Shadows has you excited for the next entry in Ubisoft's long-running stealth-action series, several cool books focused on the Assassin's Creed universe are on sale for solid prices at Amazon.

The Making of Assassin's Creed: 15th Anniversary EditionGallery

One of the most compelling books on sale is the Assassin's Creed: Atlas. This hardcover volume clocks in just shy of 200 pages and is filled with previously unpublished maps, drawings, and unique facts about locations featured throughout the series. Typically sold for $40, you can pick up the book for just $20.

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Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Decks And Booster Boxes Are Pretty Cheap Right Now

Fri, 05/17/2024 - 23:15

Several official Final Fantasy trading card game starter decks, booster boxes, and anniversary collections are discounted on Amazon right now. While these discounts are great for anyone looking to get into the Final Fantasy TCG or expand their existing card collection, they're also worth checking out for fans who don't plan on playing a TCG, since each card features art from throughout the series, making them a fun collector's items.

Final Fantasy TCG starter decks

For those who want to dip into the game for the first time, picking up one of the pre-made starter decks is a great choice. There are quite a few premade decks available at Amazon, with the most affordable being the Final Fantasy Type-0 themed deck that you can snag for $15 (typical price on Amazon: $20). The Final Fantasy XII, XIII, and XIV starter decks are also good options, as each is available for just $20. And if you want a bundle made for two players, there's the $35 Final Fantasy XV Two-Player Starter Set, which comes with two decks based on the characters Noctis and Ardyn from Final Fantasy XV. Each Final Fantasy TCG starter deck includes 50 cards, a fold-out paper playmat, and a rulebook.

Final Fantasy TCG Starter Decks

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Revisit The Cuphead Show's Gorgeous Animation With This Upcoming Art Book

Fri, 05/17/2024 - 23:00

After finding success as a stellar run-and-gun game featuring challenging and expressive bosses, Studio MDHR's Cuphead went on to earn three seasons as a Netflix animated series. The 36-episode series was well-reviewed, offering a fun new take on the adventures of Cuphead and his brother Mugman while keeping all the classic cartoon charm intact. An upcoming book, The Art of the Cuphead Show, takes a closer look at the Netflix adaptation, and it's currently available for preorder at Amazon. Whether you're a fan of the show or the original game, consider giving it a closer look ahead of its September 3 release.

The Art of the Cuphead Show $50

The 256-page hardcover book is filled with art from The Cuphead Show. Along with vibrant images, you'll get an in-depth look at the series as writers, designers, artists, and more members of the staff provide behind-the-scenes commentary. All three seasons of the show are featured in the book, so fans should find plenty to love here.

Preorder at Amazon

Dark Horse Books is the publisher behind The Art of the Cuphead Show, so we'd expect it to be produced to high standards and filled with high-quality artwork. If it's anything like The Art of Cuphead, an art book focused on the video game that was also published by Dark Horse Books, it'll be a real treat. The Art of Cuphead is a phenomenal gaming art book; if you're a fan of the game and don't have it on your shelf, you can grab a copy of Cuphead's art book at Amazon for $33 (was $50). Flipping through The Art of Cuphead would be a good way to bide your free time while you wait for The Art of the Cuphead Show.

The Cuphead art books are far from the only books Studio MDHR's popular game has spawned over the years. If there are young Cuphead fans in your house, you should check out the Cuphead middle grade novels and graphic novels. There are even Cuphead Show books for beginning readers and a Little Golden Book.

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Killing Floor 3 Gets First Dev Diary For The Franchise's 15th Anniversary

Fri, 05/17/2024 - 22:11

It's been 15 years since a tiny team of modders first released Killing Floor, kickstarting the popular, blood-soaked horror franchise. Now, the game's veteran devs have dished on the upcoming Killing Floor 3, discussing just how much has changed at studio Tripwire Interactive in those 15 years.

In the developer-diary video, some of Tripwire's veteran devs reminisce on the history of the Killing Floor franchise, from its origins with a tiny team creating on a restrictive schedule and budget, to the increased size and scope of Killing Floor 2.

When it came to creating the third game in the franchise, the developers are looking to find the perfect balance between old and new. "I knew I wanted it to return to [Killing Floor 1's] level of horror, have some cult elements, but become a little more mainstream," said studio creative director Bryan Wynia, who only joined Tripwire after the release of Killing Floor 2, but has been a fan of the franchise for a lot longer.

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Xbox Reveals Modular Proteus Controller For Gamers With Disabilities

Fri, 05/17/2024 - 22:08

As part of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Microsoft announced the modular $300 Proteus Controller, a Designed for Xbox controller created by peripherals company ByoWave. The controller comes as a kit with multiple "snap and play" parts that can be configured to fit disabled gamers' needs.

The kit comes with a number of pieces that can be connected in various configurations, with ByoWave's store page claiming over 100 million variations can be achieved on the controller. Each kit comes with two Power Cubes--the building blocks of a controller that each house a battery and allow for Bluetooth connectivity--and two Analog Cubes, which provide the left and right analog sticks.

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Hades 2's First Patch Adds Major Quality-Of-Life Improvement

Fri, 05/17/2024 - 21:59

Hades 2 released in early access last week, and now has received its first patch. Supergiant Games is already proving the utility of its early-access period, with a majority of Patch 1's changes implemented as a result of player feedback--including one major quality-of-life change.

The first patch makes resource-gathering far less of a chore, which will be a relief to everyone who found the original process too grindy. "You now can gather from any resource point once you have unlocked the corresponding Gathering Tool," the patch notes read. "You now can Prioritize any available Tool in the Training Grounds to make its resources appear as often as before, while resources for Tools you do not Prioritize will appear far less often."

The update should go a long way towards solving players' frustrations with resource gathering, making it easier to target the resources you really need from any given run.

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Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller Receives Massive Discount, Will Likely Sell Out

Fri, 05/17/2024 - 15:57
See at Verizon

If you're looking for the best controller for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and arguably PC, too, Microsoft's Elite Series 2 is the answer. Though it retails for a fairly lofty $180, the Xbox Elite Series 2 is currently on sale for only $108 on Verizon's online store. You don't need to be a Verizon subscriber to take advantage of this deal, and it comes with free two-day shipping. Since this is the best Xbox Elite Series 2 deal we've seen in 2024, we don't expect this to be available for very long.

Verizon also has great deals on the Robot White Xbox Wireless Controller ($36) and the Pulse Red edition ($39). Those controllers typically go for $60 and $65, respectively, and we rarely see them discounted to less than $45.

The Elite Series 2 offers the same great ergonomics as the standard Xbox Wireless Controller, but it has a better build quality, a textured grip, and some awesome customization features. Inside the box, you'll find four removable back paddles, an extra D-pad, and four additional analog stick caps that can be swapped on the fly. All of the extra components are neatly stored inside the included hardshell controller carrying case.

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Outfit The ROG Ally With A Slick Set Of New Accessories From Dbrand.

Fri, 05/17/2024 - 09:47

Gaming peripherals manufacturer Dbrand has announced new gear for the ROG Ally, which it's calling Project Killswitch. This is a new grip for the handheld gaming PC that adds a more ergonomic design and extra durability, as well as a kickstand and optional parts like grippy thumbstick covers, travel cover, and a tempered glass screen protector.

Essentially, this is a comprehensive collection of gear to make playing your ROG Ally more comfortable while also keeping it protected.

Gallery See at Dbrand

Priced at $60 for the essentials kit--or "0.0000000085642857% of the annual defense budget," according to Dbrand's math--and $75 for the travel kit, this bundle also includes an optional skin for customization.

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Pokemon: Ultimate Journeys, Ash Ketchum's Last Adventure, Is Up For Preorder At Amazon

Fri, 05/17/2024 - 09:05

The Pokemon anime is still going strong over 25 years after Ash chose Pikachu, but Pokemon: Ultimate Journeys brought Ash's quest to become the very best to a close last year. The anime has since continued without Ash and his best pal, but multiple DVD releases starring the popular Pokemon master are still on the horizon. Most notably, Ash's farewell in Pokemon: Ultimate Journeys is available to preorder now at Amazon. Plus, you can get a nice discount on Pokemon XY: The Complete Series ahead of its release next month.

Pokemon the Series: Ultimate Journeys (DVD) $60

Though it's not seeing a discount, the Ultimate Journeys DVD is now up for preorder. As mentioned, this season is particularly notable to Pokemon fans, as it brings the story of Ash and Pikachu to a close. It's a lengthy season too, clocking in at 54 episodes. You'll also get episodes 43-54 of Pokemon: To Be A Pokemon Master, along with clean opening and ending special features. The collection releases on July 23.

Preorder at Amazon Pokemon the Series: X&Y Complete Season (DVD) $46 (was $60)

Follow Ash Ketchum as he ventures into the Kalos region with the Pokemon XY Complete Season. You'll get all 48 episodes for just $46--which means each episode costs you less than $1. That's a pretty solid preorder deal. Better yet, the collection launches on June 11, so you don't have to wait long to relive the iconic journey (or, if you're a newcomer, experience it for the first time). Pokemon XY originally aired in 2013-14, so this set is arriving just in time for its 10th anniversary.

Preorder at Amazon

For more Pokemon anime, you'll find dozens of Pokemon DVDs and Blu-rays on sale at Amazon. The list is quite extensive, so there's bound to be something that catches your eye.

Best Pokemon Blu-ray DealsBest Pokemon DVD Deals See all DVD deals

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Preorder This Slick New 4K Steelbook For One of Tom Cruise's Best Movies

Fri, 05/17/2024 - 08:36

Tom Cruise is one of Hollywood's choosier stars--you're not going to discover a huge pile of crappy direct-to-TV movies hidden in the middle of his filmography like some other well-known actors. The guy has made a lot of really quality flicks, so it's no small praise to say that Michael Mann's Collateral is one of the best movies in Cruise's filmography--and it may also be Mann's best movie, for that matter. So it's only fitting that a film of this quality would be getting a new 4K steelbook edition later this year, which you can preorder now.

Collateral 4K steelbook preorders

This new Collateral steelbook release will land in stores on August 6, exactly 20 years to the day since its original theatrical release--a lot of movies get anniversary re-releases on home video, but most of them aren't this exact about it. The studio hasn't yet detailed what special features will be included, so it's likely safe to assume that some of the extra features from past Collateral releases will be re-used here. Beyond that, you'll get a 4K Blu-ray, a standard Blu-ray, and a Movies Anywhere digital copy with this set.

Right now you can order at Amazon for $31, or Walmart for $25. With months before this set actually comes out, you can expect the prices will come down a bit.

Preorder at Amazon Preorder at Walmart Collateral 4K standard set

If you don't want to wait and don't need that steelbook packaging, there's a current 4K edition of Collateral that had previously been released that you can buy right now and have in your home in no time.

Buy at Amazon

Collateral, for those who haven't seen it, tells the story of a random LA cab driver (Jamie Foxx) who is unwittingly pulled into a complicated assassination plan by a mysterious hitman (Cruise), who wants to use the driver as a scapegoat. The film was shot with a digital handicam that gives the flick a very gritty and real-ish look--this was the movie that established Mann's glorious modern aesthetic. And now you can appreciate the visuals even more thanks to this new 4K steelbook release.

If you're looking for more 4K Blu-ray steelbook editions to add to your collection, Amazon's massive 4K Blu-ray sale includes a deal that gets you three 4K Blu-rays for just $33 total. You can also preorder the 4K Blu-ray steelbook edition of the latest Studio Ghibli film, The Boy and the Heron, for just $35 (down from $45) at multiple online retailers.

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Bad Boys: Ride Or Die's Final Trailer Puts A Bounty On Mike and Marcus

Fri, 05/17/2024 - 08:02

When Captain Conrad Howard (Joe Pantoliano) was killed off in Bad Boys for Life in 2020, few could have predicted that his death would be pivotal in the next sequel, Bad Boys: Ride or Die. But when Howard is posthumously accused of being a dirty cop, neither Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) nor Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) are going to stop before proving his innocence. But as seen in the final trailer for Bad Boys: Ride or Die, pursuing this case is only going to put targets on the backs of Mike and Marcus, as well as everyone that they love.

Poking around for answers has apparently gotten Mike and Marcus too close to the truth. So the man behind the conspiracy, Banker (Eric Dane), orders an ambush on the two before framing them for the same crimes that tarnished the legacy of their captain. On top of that, Banker has put a large bounty on Mike and Marcus' heads that's going to draw too much attention from the drug cartels, gangs, and even other cops. To turn up the heat even higher, the bad guys are going after Marcus and Mike's families as well.

Fortunately, Mike and Marcus still have some friends inside the department, including Kelly (Vanessa Hudgens) and Dorn (Alexander Ludwig). However, the real wild card in their favor may be Mike's son, Armando Aretas (Jacob Scipio), who was briefly glimpsed in the trailer. Armando was the man who pulled the trigger on Captain Howard in the last film, and it's possible that he may have information that could lead Mike and Marcus back to Banker. Mike and Armando are also overdue for some father-and-son bonding, especially after Armando expressed his desire to redeem himself in the previous movie.

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CoD: Warzone: How To Unlock The Black Ops 6 "Sally" Weapon Blueprint

Fri, 05/17/2024 - 04:12

The latest update to Warzone seems to have slipped in a secret weapon blueprint that teases this year's upcoming Call of Duty game, which is rumored to be Treyarch's Black Ops 6. Here we'll explain how you can unlock the "Sally" weapon blueprint for the 9mm Daemon.

The Sally weapon blueprint explained

The Sally weapon blueprint is an akimbo version of the 9mm Daemon pistol, and the cosmetic is skinned to look like the iconic pistols from the cover of 2010's Call of Duty: Black Ops. In Black Ops 1's Zombies mode, the M1911 starter pistol could also be Pack-a-Punched to become the powerful "Mustang and Sally" akimbo variant.

Treyarch has tweeted a response to a player's mention of Warzone's secret weapon blueprint, so it is very likely a purposeful tease of their upcoming title.

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New Silent Hill Movie's Pyramid Head Revealed At Cannes Film Festival

Fri, 05/17/2024 - 03:38

Silent Hill 2's legendary antagonist, Pyramid Head, is finally headed back to the big screen, and audiences caught their first glimpse of the geometric monstrosity this week when the film previewed at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival.

Directed by Christophe Gans (who also directed the first Silent Hill film back in 2006), Return To Silent Hill is the third film in the Silent Hill franchise, and is also considered to be a reboot of sorts. The first two films drew inspiration from various Silent Hill games and included some of the series' most well-known characters. However, neither 2006's Silent Hill nor 2012's Silent Hill: Revelation were true adaptations of one specific Silent Hill game, but rather amalgamations of them. Return To Silent Hill, on the other hand, is aiming to be a faithful adaptation of Konami's 2001 horror masterpiece, Silent Hill 2.

"There is a clear idea from Christophe to make it modern, but also very true to the video game… Christophe is really somebody that respects the work that has been done, but that also has his own vision," said Victor Hadida, who served as a producer on the first two Silent Hill films.

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The Last Of Us Season 2 Leaks Reveal Impressive Sets And One Famous Horse

Fri, 05/17/2024 - 03:33

The Last of Us Season 2 is in production now in Canada, and with cameras rolling in public places, people are capturing footage and posting it online for everyone to see.

Footage posted online shows Bella Ramsey (Ellie) and Isabela Merced (Dina) filming a sequence where they're riding a horse through a very impressive-looking set. This video footage appears to stem from on-location shooting in downtown Nanaimo, BC, which is on Vancouver Island.

The attention to detail is pretty impressive, as the set designers truly made the street look like a post-apocalypse. A local news report from Nanaimo News Bulletin reveals that the city is a stand-in for Seattle's Capitol Hill.

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Canceled Division Game Started As A Battle Royale Mode For The Division 2, Dev Says

Fri, 05/17/2024 - 01:17

Recently, Ubisoft canceled its upcoming free-to-play shooter, The Division Heartland, stating that it "redeployed resources" to other games like XDefiant and Rainbow Six Siege. Now, a developer who says he worked on an early version of Heartland says that it started off as a "low-risk" battle royale mode for The Division 2.

Level designer Ryan Smith said on X/Twitter that he was part of a small team that started work on the project that would become Heartland in 2019. Smith--who is now a lead level designer on Overwatch 2--indicated that it started off as a battle royale mode for the already-successful The Division 2. However, despite a "pretty clear plan," Ubisoft and developer Red Storm apparently decided to make the mode its own game at some point. Several large shooter franchises were working on their own battle royale spin-offs at the time, such as Call of Duty: Warzone, which first released in March 2020.

Ubisoft has canceled a number of high-profile projects in the past 12 months, reportedly including Immortals Fenyx Rising 2, as well as several unannounced games. Heartland's canning came as a surprise to some players, particularly since the game had gone through at least one closed beta and was rated by the Taiwan game rating board. As part of the announcement, Ubisoft indicated that The Division 3 is full steam ahead, and we hope that it may make an appearance at Ubisoft Forward in June.

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College Football 25 Cover Stars And Release Date Revealed

Fri, 05/17/2024 - 01:15

EA Sports College Football 25 is easily one of 2024's most anticipated games, and at long last, EA has begun to lift the veil that was hanging over the game, presumed to hit stores in just a few months. The College Football 25 cover stars are here; yes, there are multiple.

Co-starring in the official artwork for the game's reboot (of a sort) are Michigan running back Donovan Edwards, Texas quarterback Quinn Ewers, and Colorado wide receiver/defensive back Travis Hunter. The trio is likely meant to serve as a big, bright reminder that College Football 25 features real player names and likenesses for the first time in EA's history with the sport (known previously as the NCAA Football series).

Three standout college football athletes grace the cover of EA's much-anticipated return to the genre.

Alongside the cover reveal came a few other details surrounding the game. Preorders are now available for College Football 25, with Standard and Deluxe editions available, though an even bigger bundle also exists for football diehards: the EA Sports MVP Bundle, which groups together the Deluxe editions of both College Football 25 and Madden NFL 25 (yes, that's its name) for $150, translating into a savings of $50 for players who may have bought the games separately.

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Fallout's Ella Purnell To Star In Horror-Comedy About Killer Squirrels

Fri, 05/17/2024 - 01:07

Ella Purnell, who stars on Prime Video's Fallout and is coming back for its upcoming Season 2, is also lined up to star in a comedy-horror about killer squirrels. Screen Daily reports that Purnell will star in The Scurry, which is currently filming in the United Kingdom. The movie tells the story of a park attendant, Purnell, who uses her skills to survive against a wave of killer squirrels.

True Brit Entertainment is co-producing and distributing the movie in the UK. Purnell joins a cast that also includes Rhys Ifans (Harry Potter, House of the Dragon). Olivia Cooke, another star of House of the Dragon, recently had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts. Some reports online suggest Purnell is replacing Cooke. The movie also stars Antonia Thomas and Paapa Essiedu.

One of the producers, James Scott, said, "Fallout is the biggest show on the planet right now, so to have the lead actress join our squirrel movie is incredibly exciting for the production team and our worldwide distribution partners."

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Activision Announces New Studio Making "All-New Franchise"

Fri, 05/17/2024 - 01:00

Activision, the gaming giant behind Call of Duty, has announced a new studio based in Europe--Elsewhere Entertainment--that is creating an "all-new franchise." This will be a "narrative-based IP," but the company did not confirm any further details on the project.

GameSpot understands this will not be a new Call of Duty project and that the team has been working quietly on the game for some time. Activision investing in a non-sequel or franchise extension is a big move, as the company has in recent years tripled down on Call of Duty.

Elsewhere Entertainment, based in Warsaw, Poland, is Activision's second studio in Poland, joining the Infinity Ward team in Krakow. Resources from Activision's US teams are working with Elsewhere.

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Chris Hemsworth Found It Liberating To Play The Villain In Furiosa

Fri, 05/17/2024 - 00:57

Although Chris Hemsworth doesn't always play heroic figures, his career has largely been defined by his performance as Thor across multiple movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This summer, Hemsworth is playing against type in Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, where he portrays Warlord Dementus, the main villain of the film. According to Hemsworth, getting to play the bad guy was more than just a much-needed change of pace.

"It was somewhat liberating and refreshing to kind of shed the heroic Thor space and transform into something different, and not have to be restricted by the expectations of the hero," Hemsworth told SFX Magazine via GamesRadar. Hemsworth also credits his Furiosa co-star, Anya Taylor-Joy, for helping him acclimate to the film.

"I felt quite intimidated by the whole experience," explained Hemsworth. "What we were a part of was both exciting and also scary. I had a lot of questions and a real need to sort of dissect everything. Meeting Anya, I immediately saw the same enthusiasm. It was just a constant discussion. Everything Anya did helped inform everything I was wanting to do. The two characters--although as abrasive and polar opposites as they were--kind of complemented the journey. I didn’t realize that when I first read the script."

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Microsoft Is Pushing For No "Red Line" For What Games Could Come To PlayStation - Report

Fri, 05/17/2024 - 00:36

Microsoft is reportedly pushing to have no "red line" or restrictions when it comes to putting Xbox games onto PlayStation.

According Windows Central, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and CFO Amy Hood are mandating increasing margins across all departments. While franchises like Minecraft and Call of Duty have always been on multiple platforms even after Microsoft purchased their developers, now the conversation is reportedly involving putting even more games on rival platforms like PlayStation.

Reportedly, there's an internal plan within Microsoft codenamed "Latitude," which is focused on moving Xbox games onto other platforms, and there are already more Microsoft games that will be coming over to PlayStation.

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