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Updated: 51 min 18 sec ago

Suicide Squad Director Reveals Photo Of His "Original Intent" For Joker

Sat, 08/12/2023 - 03:08

What we saw with Jared Leto's Joker in Suicide Squad doesn't quite match up with what filmmaker David Ayer had in mind. The writer and director of the DC film from 2016 has provided a photo of what he wanted the Clown Prince of Crime to look like in the movie.

On Twitter, Ayer posted a picture of his "original intent" for the Joker. The difference that pops up immediately is the absence of any face tattoos, a point of ridicule for Leto's take on the Batman villain.

Original intent

— David Ayer (@DavidAyerMovies) August 10, 2023

Ayer has clearly been reflecting on the DC film as of late. Earlier this month, the Suicide Squad filmmaker mentioned that new DC Studios co-head James Gunn--who also helmed 2021's The Suicide Squad--supports a release of a so-called Ayer Cut of the film. If you're unfamiliar, Ayer hasn't held back from distancing himself from the theatrical cut of Suicide Squad in the past.

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Where Is Xur Today? (August 11-15) Destiny 2 Exotic Items And Xur Location Guide

Sat, 08/12/2023 - 03:02

It's the calm before the new seasonal storm in Destiny 2, and while some big changes are on the horizon for subclass abilities and legacy Exotics, Xur is here to offer a fresh supply of weapons and armor. Here's where Xur is this week, and what he has for sale.

This week you can find Xur in the EDZ, in the Winding Cove area. For his weapon, Xur is offering Lord of Wolves. Hunters can pick up the Lucky Pants leg armor; Titans can grab the Stronghold gauntlets; and Warlocks can buy the Verity's Brow helmet.

Xur LocationXur's location in the Winding Cove.

Spawn in at the Winding Cove transmat zone, then hop on your sparrow and go north. Take the collapsed overpass on the left and look for a cave near the bend in the road. Follow the tunnel through the cliff face to reach a higher ridge where a Fallen dropship has crashed; you'll find Xur waiting there.

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Save Big On Board Games Based On Your Favorite Video Games

Sat, 08/12/2023 - 02:51

Many of the aspects that make a great video game also make a great board game--such as strategy, cooperation, and an engaging storyline. So it should come as no surprise that dozens of games, including Dark Souls, Fallout, and Skyrim have been translated into rich tabletop adventures. Best of all, many of these board games and card games are on sale at Amazon, making this a great time to see your favorite characters take on a new type of quest.

Typically selling for a staggering $110, the Bloodborne Board Game is now just $88. That’s still a bit pricey, but it offers a challenging, cooperative journey for up to four players, along with innovative card-based combat and a modular design that gives the action tons of replayability. It also comes with a few highly detailed miniatures. Alternatively, you can grab Bloodborne: The Card Game for $44.59 or Dark Souls: The Card Game for $34.

Looking for something a bit more affordable? Check out the Pokemon Battle Academy Board Game for $13 or the Pac-Man Game for $15. Pokemon Battle Academy shows you the ropes of the Pokemon Trading Card Game, so it's a great place to start for newcomers.

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Bethesda-Themed Gaming Chairs Are On Sale, Starfield Chair Coming Soon

Sat, 08/12/2023 - 02:40

It's a celebration of all things Quake this weekend thanks to the return of Quakecon, and Noble Chairs into getting into the groove with discounts on its lineup of special-edition Bethesda Chairs. You can use the code QUAKECON23 to score a 10% discount on chairs inspired by Doom, The Elder Scrolls, and Fallout. This code is valid until August 31 and excludes the newly announced Starfield chair.

The Starfield-themed gaming chair isn't available to order just yet, but you sign up for notifications from Noble Chairs to be among the first to know when it launches. All Noble Chairs has stated is that the special-edition Starfield chair is "coming soon."

Save 10% on Bethesda-themed gaming chairsNoble Chairs Bethesda Gaming Chairs

Noble Chair's current batch of Bethesda chairs are worth checking out if you're a fan of Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, or Doom. All of these chairs are upholstered with high-end synthetic leather. With a built-in lumbar support system, Noble Chairs says additional cushions are unnecessary. The chairs have wide, adjustable armrests, an ample, memory foam seat cushion, and a large backrest. Cold foam padding helps to disperse heat, and the the chairs are built with a durable steel frame.

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Borderlands 4 Tease Was Misunderstanding, Developer Says

Sat, 08/12/2023 - 02:31

Rumors of Borderlands 4 being in development have sprung up again, as an actor listed working on the game in their online resume. While that credit has been deleted, actor Angie Jho Lee caught the attention of Borderlands fans (via Reddit) with a "Voice Over" section on her CV that listed Borderlands 4 and her role as "Aiyumi" in that rumored game. However, it turns out that this was a misunderstanding regarding the name of a future Borderlands project, and one that is not actually Borderlands 4.

“Actor Angie Jho Lee is a voice actor on Genvid Entertainment’s upcoming interactive streaming series, Borderlands EchoVision Live, which was announced at San Diego Comic-Con last month," a spokesperson for Genvid told GameSpot. "While the series takes place within the Borderlands universe and is made in partnership with Gearbox Entertainment, it is not a Borderlands game. We reached out to Angie and asked her to make this change on her personal account to reflect the accurate role with the interactive series. More information on Borderlands EchoVision Live can be found in this press release as well as its official website here.”

In another deleted listing, producer Nadia Danova also mentioned having worked on Borderlands 4 on their LinkedIn ahead of a 2023 release for the game, although it's worth noting that this was two years ago when they were employed at developer MoGi Group back in 2021.

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Baldur's Gate 3 Launch Weekend Stats Revealed, Over 10 Million Hours Played

Sat, 08/12/2023 - 02:30

Players logged a combined 1,225 years of Baldur's Gate 3 over the launch weekend, with 368 players even managing to finish the epic RPG. With those numbers under its belt, the game has hit top 10 all-time most concurrent players on Steam, with the game accounting for 28% percent of all player time on Sunday, August 6.

In an official blog post, featuring a bunch of fancy and funny infographics, developer Larian broke down how players spent all that time. While the game allows you to pick a pre-determined origin characters, 93% of players opted for a custom character. Of those the majority of players choose to play a half-elf, with humans and elves taking up second and third place and the Githyanki taking up the rear. As for class, the most players took Paladin, with Sorcerer and Warlock taking second and third place respectively. Cleric was the least popular class.

The class choice infographic for Baldur's Gate 3's launch weekend.

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Pedro Pascal Was Denied Entry To An Art Exhibit Dedicated To Himself

Sat, 08/12/2023 - 02:15

Actor Pedro Pascal turned up to an art exhibit dedicated to himself but was denied entry after realizing that the event was closed on the day he arrived.

The ADHD Hyper Fixation And Why It Looks Like I Love Pedro Pascal by artist Heidi Gentle Burrell is currently on display at the Rhodes Gallery in Margate, Kent in England--an exhibit centered around the Hollywood actor and consisting of multimedia art styles--and Pascal decided to visit. However, he couldn't gain entry because he turned up on a Sunday (via BBC).

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Talk Art Podcast (@talkart)

The star of The Mandalorian and The Last of Us tried to attend with actor Russell Tovey and gallerist Robert Diament--both hosts of the Talk Art podcast--who shared a photo of themselves on their Instagram outside the closed gallery.

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Best Buy Is Hosting A 3-Day Sale - Check Out The Best Gaming And Tech Deals

Sat, 08/12/2023 - 02:03

The 3-Day Anniversary Sale is now live at Best Buy, giving you a chance to save on TVs, laptops, earbuds, headphones, and tons of other great electronics. The enticing deals end on Sunday--so you’ve got a bit of time to browse the massive catalog and see if anything piques your interest.

See all deals at Best Buy

Some of the best deals at Best Buy right now are for laptops, with the powerful Lenovo Legion Slim 7i Gaming Laptop seeing a $700 discount. Featuring 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, and RTX 3060, it’s more than capable of playing demanding games without issue. It’s also a sleek-looking device, thanks to its slim, minimalist design. Want something a bit more affordable? Check out the HP Victus, which is just $600, features an RTX 3050, 8GB RAM, and 512GB SSD.

See all PC gaming deals at Best Buy

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Dozens Of Video Game Art Books Receive Huge Price Cuts At Amazon

Sat, 08/12/2023 - 01:45

Looking to keep the adventures rolling after stepping away from the controller? Check out this massive list of discounted video game books at Amazon, which includes content from Sonic, Zelda, Dead Space, Final Fantasy, and other iconic series.

Artbooks are heavily featured in the discounted Amazon catalog, and one of the best deals is for The Art of Halo Infinite: Deluxe Edition. With 200 pages of exclusive content wrapped in a gorgeous hardcover, the book is now just $43 (down from $80) and should make a great addition to any bookcase.

Other cool Deluxe Edition hardcovers are discounted to great prices as well, including Sonic the Hedgehog Encylo-Speed-ia for $46, The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia for $59, and The Art of Horizon Forbidden West for $67.

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Warner Bros. Is Racing Ahead With Hot Wheels Movie

Sat, 08/12/2023 - 01:36

Before a Barbie sequel happens--if it ever does--Warner Bros. Discovery and Mattel seem set on creating a track for a Hot Wheels movie to come beforehand. Reportedly the studio is already trying to get a director behind the wheel for the project.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hot Wheels doesn't have a script yet. But that's not stopping Warner Bros. from searching for a director, since they're not on strike like writers and actors. J.J. Abrams' company Bad Robot is producing the film based on the toy cars from Mattel.

Barbie hit $1 billion at the global box office this past weekend, becoming the highest-grossing movie directed by a woman (Greta Gerwig) in the process. Previously, Patty Jenkins held that record for Wonder Woman in 2017.

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This Cult Of The Lamb Figure Will Be The Leader Of Your Collection

Sat, 08/12/2023 - 01:31

If there's one thing that your toy and collectibles shelf needs, it's a leader. Specifically, a wooly and adorable little influence that secretly harbors dark designs to slay gods and isn't afraid to sacrifice as many of its minions as needed to get the job done. Fans of Cult of the Lamb can add a point of authority to their shelves with this cute but deadly replica of the Lamb that's on preorder at Amazon.

Preorder at Amazon

He sees everything.

Provided that you don't mind waiting until April 24, 2024, this $40 figure from toy company Good Smile captures all the dark charm of the lamb, translating its in-game design into a 3D figure that's just over five inches tall. It's in a static non-poseable pose, but this replica of the Lamb has a game-accurate look to it, a bright splash of colors, and a set of eyes that are always watching you.

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Want To Work At Roblox? Your Interview Could Be Inside The Game

Sat, 08/12/2023 - 01:25

Roblox has announced a new recruitment center... inside Roblox itself. The in-game experience lets potential candidates explore what it might be like to work at the company without geographic barriers, as long as they have a strong internet connection.

In an official blog post, the company expresses a desire to build a workforce that "embodies a broad range of skills, perspectives, and backgrounds." The center allows outreach to potential employees who could not be reached through in-person recruitment methods. The experience includes events, podcasts, and conversations with Roblox employees. It can also help those unfamiliar with Roblox itself get acquainted with the platform and its tools.

The experience can also help candidates prepare for their interview. In the in-game library, candidates can find texts to help them prepare. Candidates can also learn more about the company's problem-solving assessments. They can take practice tests to see what they might experience during interviews. Eventually, candidates will even be able to interview directly inside the experience.

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Lollipop Chainsaw Remake Delayed To 2024, Officially Titled Lollipop Chainsaw RePOP

Sat, 08/12/2023 - 01:20

Dragami Games has announced that the Lollipop Chainsaw remake has been delayed until Summer 2024. Additionally, the official title of the game is now Lollipop Chainsaw RePOP.

"The title of Lollipop Chainsaw Remake has been decided as Lollipop Chainsaw RePOP," Dragami Games explained on Twitter. "In addition, the release date will be postponed from 2023 to the summer of 2024. We will do our best to make high-quality games, so please continue to support us!"

Lollipop Chainnsaw Remake(仮称)のタイトル名はLollipop Chainsaw RePOPに決定しました。

— ドラガミゲームス【公式】 (@Dragami_Games) August 11, 2023

The original game was released in 2012 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but no platforms for Lollipop Chainsaw RePOP have been announced yet. The original producer, Yoshimimi Yasuda, is working on the game. However, it's been confirmed that veterans Suda51 and James Gunn aren't involved with the remake.

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Rockstar Acquires GTA Role-Playing Community As GTA 6 Continues Development

Sat, 08/12/2023 - 01:07

Rockstar Games has announced that it has acquired FiveM and RedM, the popular role-playing communities dedicated to Grand Theft Auto 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2.

The developer shared the news today on its website, stating that both communities are now part of Rockstar Games. "Over the past few years, we've watched with excitement as Rockstar's creative community have found new ways to expand the possibilities of Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2, particularly through the creation of dedicated roleplay servers," the announcement reads.

"As a way to further support those efforts, we recently expanded our policy on mods to officially include those made by the roleplay creative community."

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