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Updated: 6 days 58 min ago

Sorry, There's Probably No New Sly Cooper Game Coming Soon

Mon, 05/13/2024 - 22:51

Sucker Punch Productions' iconic platforming franchise, Sly Cooper, probably isn't getting a brand-new game any time soon.

Bloomberg's Jason Schreier responded to a rumor going around that the reason why an unannounced Ghost of Tsushima sequel has yet to be revealed was because the studio was working on a new Sly Cooper again. He said that there was no basis to the rumor, and that Sucker Punch was a "one project studio," meaning that they reportedly don't work on multiple games at once. Giant Bomb's Jeff Grubb also said that the rumor was only speculation and nothing had been confirmed.

Furthermore, video games take much longer to development now, so it's not a surprise when a game that a big AAA hasn't been publicly revealed just yet. Schreier also noted that Sucker Punch is a smaller developer compared to your average AAA studio, such as Ubisoft or Activision.

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The Flash Races Onto Blu-Ray Soon, Preorders Now Open

Mon, 05/13/2024 - 22:51

After the success of Tim Burton's Batman film in 1989, it was only a matter of time before another DC icon would get the live-action treatment, and a year later, the Flash raced onto small screens around the world. Although it only lasted for a single season, The Flash was a fun show starring John Wesley Shipp as the fastest man alive. The original run of Flash episodes will be available soon on Blu-ray, and you can lock in a preorder at Amazon right now for this box set.

The Flash: The Original Series

See on Amazon

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Seagate 2TB Xbox Expansion Card Gets Big Discount

Mon, 05/13/2024 - 22:49

After a few generations without them, memory cards have made a big return in the last couple of years. Specifically, Xbox Series X|S plug-and-play expansion cards that give users an instant storage capacity upgrade. These were quite pricy at launch, but right now, you can get a nice discount on them through Amazon. For a quick upgrade, the 2TB Seagate expansion card is down from its standard price of $270 to $240 currently. Seagate's Xbox Series X|S expansion cards rarely--very rarely--receive discounts, so deals like this are worth keeping an eye open for.

Seagate 2TB Xbox Expansion Card -- $230 ($270)

As mentioned above, these expansion cards are very easy to use. Simply plug it into the dedicated port on your Xbox Series X|S console and you're good to go. Thanks to the Xbox Velocity architecture, you're getting the same lightning-fast speed as the internal SSD, so you won't need to sit through lengthy loading screens. At this size, you can also install quite a few games on it, including modern titles infamous for their high storage demands, like Call of Duty or Red Dead Redemption 2.

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Gatchaman: The Complete Collection Gets Discounted To Its Best Price Yet

Mon, 05/13/2024 - 22:48

One of the most groundbreaking anime of all time, Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, recently got a terrific Blu-ray release. Here in the west, you might know the show by its alternate names, Battle of the Planets and G-Force. Debuting in the '70s, this was a fun and surprisingly bleak series with hard-fought victories against various monsters. In case you missed it, you can pick up the entire 105-episode run at Amazon for $65, a huge discount from its original $150 launch price.

Gatchaman: The Complete Series See on Amazon

Normally $77, this collection includes 15 discs of episodes, original video animations, and the Gatchaman movie. Most of the discs feature the incredibly realistic art of comic book legend Alex Ross, and one disc is dedicated to extra features. All episodes are available in their original 4:3 aspect ratio--and mercifully--these aren't the infamously edited versions that were broadcast in the US. Gatchaman may have had a formulaic monster-of-the-week setup as a team of bird-themed heroes took on an evil organization, but it helped popularize the Sentai genre of TV.

Thanks to shows like Gatchaman, the foundation for series like Power Rangers would established. While the main plot was pure anime fun, Gatchaman would also see characters frequently die on both sides, with the bleakness of these violent battles being reflected in the gritty artwork. Final Fantasy illustrator Yoshitaka Amano was responsible for the terrific character designs and Mitsuki Nakamura's mecha designs have proven to be elegantly timeless over the decades.

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The Legend of Zelda Master Sword Replica Is Now Available To Preorder

Mon, 05/13/2024 - 22:47

Available now for preorder at GameStop, Legend of Zelda fans can get their hands on a $200 prop replica of Link's signature weapon. This fancy Master Sword doesn't just look great, it sounds pretty good as well thanks to a few electronic touches.

Tamashii Nations Master Sword replicaGallery See at GameStop

Out of the box, you're getting a life-sized replica of the sword--it has a total length of approximately 41.3 inches--from Tamashii Nations and Bandai Namco and it's made from a high-quality ABS material. You'll still want to be careful when using it as there is some degree of sharpness to the blade. The colors on this prop are quite nice though, and feature rich silver, purple, and gold metallic layers.

The other cool feature on this is that it can blast some sword-swinging sound effects, as well as several songs from The Legend of Zelda series. When you're not admiring it in your hands, you can proudly display it at home on its included stand.

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Peacemaker Season 2 Adds Frank Grillo To The Cast

Mon, 05/13/2024 - 22:47

The transition from the DC Extended Universe to the DC Universe reboot by James Gunn and Peter Safran isn't a completely clean break from the past. While the major characters, including Superman, are being recast, John Cena is reprising his title role in Peacemaker Season 2. And he'll be going up against Frank Grillo's Rick Flagg Sr., which was one of the first roles cast in the DCU.

Gunn made the announcement on his Threads account, and wrote "Pleased to announce the great [Frank Grillo] will be reprising the role of Rick Flag, Sr.--the role he'll first play in animated form in Creature Commandos--throughout Season 2 of Peacemaker. Christopher Smith and Rick Sr. have a little unfinished business to take care of…"

The unfinished business that Gunn is referring to happened in The Suicide Squad, when Peacemaker/Christopher Smith murdered Rick Flag Jr., as played by Joel Kinnaman. Peacemaker carried over the guilt about his actions into his self-titled series. Gunn's comments suggests that the events of the movie and the show remain in-continuity after the reboot.

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House Of The Dragon Season 2 Will Have More Dragons And Higher Stakes

Mon, 05/13/2024 - 22:45

The central conflict of House of the Dragon was always going to lead to war. It was just a question of when. HBO's Game of Thrones prequel series premiered in 2022 and introduced viewers to Rhaenyra Targaryen, the rightful queen of Westeros, and her former best friend, Alicent Hightower (Olivia Cooke), who married Rhaenyra's father and installed her son, Aegon II Targaryen (Tom Glynn-Carney), on the Iron Throne. In a new behind-the-scenes video for House of the Dragon Season 2, Glynn-Carney teased "loads more dragons" when the series returns. And that's just the beginning.

"Season two, there is a war brewing," said showrunner Ryan Condal. "We were excited to get into it because this is the juicy part of the drama. The Dance of the Dragons has fully kicked off. The tension is bubbling, with armies being raised and alliances being formed. There are two warring factions, the Blacks and the Greens. Both are convinced of how right their claim is. Both sides have dragons. The stakes keep going up and up and up. It is a very emotional and very intense ride."

House of the Dragons takes place decades before Game of Thrones, and the storyline of the series explains why the dragons were all but extinct by the timeframe of the original show. HBO also recently announced that a second Game of Thrones spin-off series based on George R.R. Martin's Tales of Dunk and Egg novellas is going forward. Recently, the series was officially titled A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, and it is expected to debut on HBO and Max in 2025.

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The Magic Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom One Year Later Is In Experimentation

Mon, 05/13/2024 - 00:00

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is celebrating its one-year anniversary today, May 12, 2024. Below, we look at how its playful sense of experimentation is still leading to new discoveries.

There is no single file for "wagon noise" within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. At no point in your travels throughout Hyrule will you hear a single track that was meant to replicate the sound of creaking wood moving along a dirt path. That's because Tears of the Kingdom's audio system is designed to operate just like its complex physics system. Sounds that happen naturally in the world--wheels turning and hooves stomping, for example--come together just like the wheels and cart themselves. They create a harmonious sound that is made up as you play.

It's a charming example that highlights what makes pretty much everything within Tears of the Kingdom fantastic. Major elements of the game, from moment-to-moment exploration to the clever physics-based crafting system, encourages player-experimentation and provides an amount of freedom that's literally sky-high. For much of their adventure, players make things up as they go.

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Xbox President Talks The Future Of Its Hardware And The Importance Of Backward Compatibility

Sat, 05/11/2024 - 09:44

Sarah Bond, the president of Xbox, stated that she believes her main focus at Xbox has been on "engineering and building that next-generation hardware experience."

In an interview with Bloomberg, Bond continued to explain that Microsoft's focus with Xbox is to deliver "the biggest leap ever" for its next-gen hardware, which includes "power and performance." This does align with what Bond has said in the past regarding how Xbox's next-gen hardware will focus on "delivering the biggest technological leap ever in a generation."

As the interview continued, she explained how Xbox is ensuring backward compatibility will be a part of its next-gen hardware.

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Humble Bundle Offers 61 Doctor Who Comics For $25

Sat, 05/11/2024 - 09:18

Doctor Who is a series with a ton of history and unique stories thanks to the universe-spanning, time-hopping adventures of its protagonist, the Doctor, and the frequent regeneration that shapes them into a new character every so often. While the franchise is best known for the long-running BBC series, there are also many comics that expand on the Whoniverse, and you can get a ton of them on the cheap in ebook form with Humble's Doctor Who Megabundle. The bundle includes comics based on the modern iterations of the Doctor, starting with the show's return in 2009 up to its most recent series, and also includes a few stories reaching back into the older seasons that ran between the 1960s and '80s. With this bundle deal, you can snag up to 61 Doctor Who comics if you pay at least $25, but there are also cheaper bundle tiers if you just want a few.

See on Humble

Paying $1 gets you the first tier, which includes the first four comic volumes of stories featuring the Tenth Doctor, played in the show by David Tennant. This is perfect for anyone who wants to see what the series is all about.

If you kick your payment up to at least $10, you get 19 comics. This includes the four books in the $1 tier, plus six more volumes of the Tenth Doctor's storyline, and three volumes featuring a crossover between the Tenth Doctor and Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor.

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Alan Moore's Newest Graphic Novel Will Teach You How To Cast Magic Spell And Contact The Dead

Sat, 05/11/2024 - 08:31

Alan Moore is one of the most widely celebrated writers in comic books, but the legend is finally getting ready to call it a day with one last comic book. First teased two decades ago, The Moon and Serpent Bumper Book of Magic will be released this October and contains "a clear and practical grimoire of the occult sciences," from Moore, who is also a practicing occultist. Made in collaboration with his late friend and co-author, Steve Moore, this 352-page hardback book mixes writing, illustration, and advice on how to cast a few spells and has been discounted from $50 to $46.50 ahead of its release.

The Moon and Serpent Bumper Book of Magic

In addition to the two (unrelated) Moores, the book also features contributions by Kevin O'Neill, Melinda Gebbie, Jose Villarrubia, Steve Parkhouse, John Coulthart, Rick Veitch, and Ben Wickey.

"Its contents include profusely illustrated instructional essays upon this ancient sect’s theories of magic, notably the key dissertation "Adventures in Thinking," which gives reliable advice as to how entry into the world of magic may be readily achieved," the official synopsis reads.

"Further to this, a number of 'Rainy Day' activity pages present lively and entertaining things to do once the magical state has been attained, including such popular pastimes as divination, etheric travel, and the conjuring of a colorful multitude of spirits, deities, dead people, and infernal entities from the pit, all of whom are sure to become your new best friends."

Preorder at Amazon

If you're not looking to accidentally summon dark forces into the land of the living, you can check out Moore's comic books. After decades in the industry, Moore's rich body of work includes the groundbreaking superhero tale Watchmen, the anarchistic V for Vendetta, and the creepy From Hell. Watchmen is available in several deluxe formats--including a luxurious hardcover version--while V for Vendetta comes with a replica of V's signature mask. You know, the one that all the cool kids in Anonymous wear. Check out the best Alan Moore graphic novel deals in the list below.

Alan Moore graphic novels

Best Gaming & Tech Deals This Week

The Road, A Major Influence For The Last Of Us, Is Getting A Graphic Novel Adaptation

Sat, 05/11/2024 - 08:21

The Last of Us draws inspiration from several sources, but one of the most apparent influences is The Road. Written by Cormac McCarthy, the novel was first published in 2006 and would go on to win the Pulitzer Prize. Later, it would get a movie adaptation starring Viggo Mortensen and Charlize Theron, bringing the post-apocalyptic journey to a wider audience. The book apparently isn't done branching out to other forms of media, as The Road: A Graphic Novel is now up for preorder with a scheduled release date of September 17.

The Road: A Graphic Novel $25 (was $27)

This is the first-ever graphic novel adaptation of McCarthy's hit novel. It follows the same story threads, with a nameless father and son duo trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland--and it's every bit as bleak as The Last of Us. It clocks in at 160 pages and was personally approved by McCarthy before he passed away last year. In other words, it's all but guaranteed to hit the high standards of the iconic novelist.

Preorder at Amazon

Ahead of its release, you can preorder The Road: A Graphic Novel for $25 (down from $27).

If you're interested in checking out more of McCarthy's work, you'll find several of his books on sale right now. This includes No Country for Old Men, Blood Meridian: Or the Evening Redness in the West, and his debut novel, The Orchard Keeper.

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What The Hell Is Happening At Xbox? | Spot On

Sat, 05/11/2024 - 08:12

Earlier this week, Xbox leadership made the decision to close multiple high-profile studios including Hi-Fi Rush developer Tango Gameworks and Arkane Austin, the studio behind Prey and Redfall. Though the unfortunate truth is that layoffs and studio closures are becoming increasingly common in the gaming industry, the internet was quick to point out that these two in particular felt a bit... confusing. Largely because they seem to go against many of Xbox's previous statements and goals.

Back in 2023, Xbox reportedly claimed that Hi-Fi Rush had been a success for the company and it planned on reinvesting in the team in the future. The studio also admitted they had neglected to give Arkane Austin proper support, and expressed a desire to work alongside the team to improve Redfall. So what happened?

All this confusion has resulted in discussions around what the platform holder's intent for the future of Xbox is, and speculation on what part Game Pass plays in it. On this episode of Spot On, Lucy and Tamoor discuss the closures, the aftermath of them—including some confusing statements from an exec—and what the future of Xbox may look like.

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Pokemon Go May 2024 Community Day: Shiny Bounsweet, Bonuses, And More

Sat, 05/11/2024 - 07:46

Pokemon Go's next Community Day event is just around the corner. This month's festivities will revolve around the grass-type Pokemon Bounsweet, which will appear in the wild much more frequently than usual throughout the event. On top of that, a few other in-game bonuses will also be available, including extra Candy for catching Pokemon.

To help you prepare for the event, we've rounded up everything you need to know about Pokemon Go's May 2024 Community Day below.

May 2024 Community Day Start Time

Pokemon Go's May Community Day takes place Sunday, May 19. The event proper runs from 2 to 5 PM local time, with additional four-star raids occurring afterward from 5 to 10 PM local time.

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Marvel Rivals Will Let You Destroy Maps With Superpowers, Just Not Completely

Sat, 05/11/2024 - 07:22

Marvel Rivals, NetEase Games' upcoming 6v6 hero shooter, will feature limited destruction on its maps, along with special features depending on where the map is located. The destruction is limited to help show the power of the super heroes, while not completely destroying map layout.

Detailed in a blog post, the Marvel Rivals development team explained that while it felt necessary to have destruction in the hero shooter, being able to completely level a map presented too many issues with the objective-based game. If everything could be destroyed, every match would likely end up a chaotic mess, as any small arenas or pathways designed for conflicts would just end up leveled. So instead, some parts of the map can be destroyed, with the ensuing rubble and new pathways offering a new strategic way to attack, while some of the more important aspects of the environment will be indestructible.

In addition to those systems, the developers of Marvel Rivals have also paid close attention to the aftermath of the destruction. The blog said that they focused on making sure the rubble wouldn't hinder the movement of high-flying heroes, like Spider-Man or Iron Man, while also ensuring that even if an opening in a wall has jagged edges, that players won't get caught on the rough corners when trying to move.

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A Fallout: New Vegas Player Is Trying To Raise $500,000 To Display Mr. House's Face On The Vegas Sphere

Sat, 05/11/2024 - 05:31

A Fallout: New Vegas mega-fan is attempting to raise $500,000 in the hopes of bringing a taste of the Mojave Wasteland to current-day Las Vegas.

Fallout franchise fan Evan Zarsaz started a GoFundMe campaign earlier this week with the goal of obtaining enough cash to put the face of New Vegas's enigmatic ruler on the real-life Las Vegas Sphere for a day.

"Let's get down to business," the fundraiser's description reads. "As the sole proprietor of the Las Vegas Strip, it's only right that Mr. Robert House of RobCo Industries makes his presence known in the crown jewel of the Mojave."

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Next Jurassic World Movie From Star Wars Director May Have Found Another Star

Sat, 05/11/2024 - 05:14

A new Jurassic World movie is in the works, and now another lead may have been found. Deadline reports that the star of Netflix's The Lincoln Lawyer, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, is in talks to star in the new dinosaur movie alongside Scarlett Johansson and Jonathan Bailey.

Gareth Edwards, who directed the Star Wars movie Rogue One, is directing the new Jurassic World film. The movie is set for release on July 2, 2025, and Jurassic Park's David Koepp is penning the script.

Garcia-Rulfo found breakout success with Netflix's The Lincoln Lawyer. The show is now coming back for a third season, but a release date hasn't been announced yet.

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Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes Stars Say Those Mo-Cap Suits Were Actually "Liberating"

Sat, 05/11/2024 - 05:04

The modern version of the Planet of the Apes franchise has introduced to Hollywood a fascinating new sort of production--one in which nearly every character is a non-human CGI creation played by an actor in a performance-capture suit. It's a lot even in this age of CGI soundstages. For the actors who played those ape roles, it was unlike anything they'd ever done before. But as several of those actors told me as part of the Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes press tour, it turned out that wasn't a bad thing.

"It's not you on the screen, so you don't have to worry about what you look like, or anything like that," said Owen Teague, who plays the main protagonist ape, Noa. "It becomes about purely the character, and playing the character. You can disappear fully, which I think is what I always want in playing a character. I'm always looking to kind of shed myself, but you don't often get to fully do that, because you still look like you to a certain degree, you're still moving like you and talking like you."

Kevin Durand, who plays the villain, Proximus Caesar, echoed that sentiment.

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EA Sports College Football 25 Cover Leaks Early, Full Reveal Coming Next Week

Sat, 05/11/2024 - 04:19

EA's first college football video game in 10 years is almost here, and its cover has been leaked early thanks to a digital storefront.

Over on the PlayStation Network Store, the page listing of EA Sports College Football 25 appeared, along with the deluxe edition cover. The three prominent athletes on the cover are University of Michigan's Donovan Edwards in the center, University of Texas's Quinn Ewers on the left, and University of Colorado's Travis Hunter on the right.

According to the listing, the game has 134 FBS schools. One additional leaked screenshot shows that University of Notre Dame will be included in the roster. EA Sports College Football 25 will also support microtransactions in the form of virtual currency and in-game items.

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Legend Of Zelda Is "Dying For A Cinematic Treatment," Director Says

Sat, 05/11/2024 - 04:05

Nintendo is teaming up with Sony and Marvel producer Avi Arad for a live-action The Legend of Zelda movie. Director Wes Ball recently told Variety that Zelda is one of the last "untapped properties" that is ripe for a movie and that he's excited to get to work on the film.

"I can't say a lot about it, but Zelda is hugely important to me. It's up there with Star Wars for me in terms of what shaped me as a kid," Ball said. "Talking about adventure? That's the thing. It's like one of the last untapped properties that is dying for a cinematic treatment. But we'll see what happens."

Zelda has a dedicated and passionate fanbase, and Ball knows something about that having previously directed the Maze Runner movies. He said he got a "taste" of the "expectation game" with those films, and now he's feeling it again directing Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes. For Zelda, though, he might be facing the highest expectations of his career.

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