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Nintendo Collaborator Known For Work On Kirby Is Shutting Down

Thu, 06/01/2023 - 04:06

Vanpool, a video game studio known for its work with Nintendo over the past decade, is shutting down. The news comes from a notice posted on the developer's website, which states that the company is dissolved as of May 31. It gives no reason for the studio's closure, nor any specific details.

Though the name Vanpool is not as well-known as that of other studios that frequently collaborate with Nintendo, such as Fire Emblem developer Intelligent Systems, the studio worked on many notable games, especially in the Kirby series. Founded in 1999, the studio first worked on Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, contributing mostly to its minigames, before making Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland and its Japanese-exclusive follow-up Ripened Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love.

As a solo developer, Vanpool is perhaps best-known for the Dillion's Rolling Western series, of which three entries came out for 3DS between 2012 and 2018. In recent years, the studio worked almost exclusively on Kirby games, partnering with franchise studio HAL Laboratory on Super Kirby Clash, Kirby Fighters 2, Kirby and the Forgotten Land, and Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe. Though the studio is mostly worked Nintendo over the past decade, Vanpool was originally founded by developers who left the defunct studio Love-de-Lic, which created cult games like Moon: Remix RPG Adventure and L.O.L.: Lack of Love. Moon: Remix RPG Adventure received its first official Western release back in 2021.

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Add 1TB Of Storage To Switch Or Steam Deck At A Steep Discount

Thu, 06/01/2023 - 04:03

Portable gaming is better than ever thanks to devices like the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck, but modern games can take up a lot of space on your handheld’s hard drive, and expanding your system’s storage is practically a necessity (especially with the Switch). Luckily, a bunch of Samsung and SanDisk microSD cards are on sale at Amazon right now, with some discounted by up to 55%.

Of the microSDs deals currently available, SanDisk’s 1TB Ultra microSDXC card offers the most storage space, and you can grab it for just $90 (normally $137). The card is also fast enough to handle handheld gaming, plus you can use it for HD video recording and photography or expand your smartphone’s storage on select Android models.

See at Amazon

If you’re looking for smaller or cheaper options, there are several 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB cards available as well. Samsung’s Pro Plus 512GB microSDXC card is a particularly good deal, offering write speeds fast enough for 4K video (normally $110), while those on tighter budgets can pick up the SanDisk 128GB Ultra microSDXC for just $12.94 (normally $19). Check the list below for the full list of other discounted microSD cards.

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Diablo 4 - Best Necromancer Builds Guide

Thu, 06/01/2023 - 03:44

The Diablo 4 best Necromancer builds follow a certain trend: minions laying waste to foes. From there, we can think of various ideas depending on certain skill sets, such as Blood or Bone. Here's our guide to help you with the best Necromancer builds in Diablo 4.

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Street Fighter 6 Adds Denuvo Support Days Before Launch

Thu, 06/01/2023 - 03:35

Ahead of its anticipated launch on June 2, the Steam listing for the PC version of Street Fighter 6 has been updated to include a reference to Denuvo Anti-Tamper systems being included at launch.

The listing change, which can be seen on the game's changelog on Steam DB, references both Denuvo Anti-Tamper as well as a system to limit the use of a single game key to five PCs a day. Anti-Tamper is a popular solution used to protect a game's source code, with Denuvo claiming to protect against efforts such as reverse engineering that could help pirates crack the game. This has frequently been circumvented in the past, so it is not entirely a silver bullet.

What makes this contentious is down to the issues some legitimate players of Denuvo-supported games experience, particularly degraded performance that has been traced back to the inclusion of the anti-tamper systems. There's no way of knowing yet if these issues will manifest in Street Fighter 6, but the decision to announce Denuvo's inclusion this close to launch will likely take some players by surprise.

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A Bunch Of $1 Game Bundles Are Available For A Limited Time

Thu, 06/01/2023 - 03:28

A bunch of PC game bundles are discounted to just $1 over at Fanatical. Each bundle includes multiple unique games, and the $1 price tags saves you up to 97% on each title.

Many of the bundles are based on specific themes or franchises. For example, this cyberpunk-themed double pack includes the top-down RTS Re-Legion and the first-person dungeon crawler RPG Conglomerate 451. Both games feature grim techo-dystopian settings and eye-catching neon color schemes but offer vastly different gameplay experiences.

Similarly, fans of psychological horror and wintery worlds can grab the Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones and Through the Woods Double Pack. Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones is a hand-drawn RPG where you guide a party of unique characters through grizzly Lovecraftian mysteries and punishing turn-based battles. Through the Woods is an atmospheric adventure game that uses Norwegian folklore as the backdrop for its unsettling horror story.

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Nintendo Effectively Shuts Down eShop In Russia

Thu, 06/01/2023 - 03:24

Nintendo will effectively shut down the Nintendo eShop in Russia at the end of May. Per a report from Game Developer, this news came via an email to publishers from Nintendo of Europe. The email states that Nintendo plans to "wind down" its operations in Russia, which means that players in that country will no longer be able to make new purchases or use download codes after May 31.

"As a result of the economic outlook, Nintendo of Europe has decided to wind down operations of its Russian subsidiary," reads the email in part, as seen by Game Developer. "As part of our efforts to honor preceding commitments to our customers in the Russian market, the Russian version of Nintendo eShop will be set to offer limited service."

The email goes on to say that players will be able to redownload digital content they have purchased, but they will not be able to purchase content or redeem download codes. It also says that all payment information tied to Nintendo accounts (such as credit cards and PayPal details) will be deleted due to security concerns.

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CoD: Warzone 2 And MW2 Patch Notes Detail Cronen Squall Nerf And Bug Fixes

Thu, 06/01/2023 - 03:09

A small update arrived to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 on May 31. While the patch notes mostly address bug fixes across all modes, a major nerf hits the Cronen Squall battle rifle as well.

Season 3's Cronen Squall battle rifle has been a powerful choice for multiplayer and battle royale, but the patch notes include a series of nerfs to the weapon across all modes. The weapon adjustments include reduced damage range, reduced headshot multiplier, a small increase to recoil while the gun is in semi-auto mode, and a small reduction to the rate of fire in semi-auto mode. Additionally, the update reduced maximum damage per shot against armor in Warzone 2.

The only other gun affected by the update is the ISO Hemlock assault rifle. The change includes a nerf specifically for Warzone 2, which reduces damage to armor for 5.56 ammunition.

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Diablo 4's Microtransaction Prices Have Allegedly Leaked, And They Aren't Cheap

Thu, 06/01/2023 - 02:53

Leaked images of what is allegedly Diablo 4's in-game cosmetic store have revealed some hefty price tags, and it is causing some concern among fans of Blizzard's ARPG series.

Diablo IV has received rave reviews ahead of its early access launch on June 2, but what hasn't been officially disclosed as of yet is how much some of the game's microtransactions will cost. Fans anticipating Diablo IV have known for quite some time that Blizzard's new ARPG would include a microtransaction store, one that Blizzard has stressed will be for cosmetics only.

Thanks to leaked images allegedly of Diablo IV's in-game store posted to Reddit, fans now have a better idea of what to expect from the game's optional cosmetics. One image shows a set of armor for the Necromancer selling for around 2,800 platinum, Diablo IV's premium currency. Blizzard has previously stated that the game's premium battle pass would sell for around 1,000 platinum, which is the equivalent of roughly $10. That means the cosmetic armor set in the leaked image costs around $28. Another image shows the price of an in-game mount and armor set at 1,600 platinum, or $16.

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Diablo 4 Cross-Play, Cross-Progression, And Co-Op Explained

Thu, 06/01/2023 - 02:11

All hell is about to break loose once Diablo 4 launches, and fortunately, you won't have to face demonic hordes and angelic armies on your own. Diablo 4 is officially out on June 6, but this time, it'll be landing day one on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

Ahead of its debut on multiple platforms, you can read up on how cross-play works, what co-op options will be available, and how cross-progression will function.

How Diablo IV cross-play works

These PC and console realms won't be gated off for Diablo IV, as you'll be able to group up with players regardless of the platform that they're playing on. This is thanks to Diablo IV being hooked into Blizzard's online system, so if you don't already have an account, you'll want to set one up now to be ready to play as soon as you start the game. Console gamers do get one exclusive function that PC gamers won't have access to, and that's couch co-op.

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Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake Will Not Feature Newly Recorded Voice Acting

Thu, 06/01/2023 - 01:58

Back when Konami first revealed the long-rumored Metal Gear Solid 3 remake to the world, the publisher said that the remake would "star the original voice characters." This statement is apparently quite literal, as Konami has now confirmed to The Verge that the remake will feature the same voice clips as the original game, with no changes or re-recordings.

While some might prefer the nostalgia of the original voice acting, many remakes of high-profile games have featured rewritten dialogue and re-recorded voice acting, including Final Fantasy VII Remake and Resident Evil 4. Given the vagueness of the original announcement, it was easy to take it either way. And judging by the online reaction to this, many fans also assumed that the Metal Gear Solid 3 remake would go the re-record route, but that's apparently not the case.

Officially titled Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater, the MGS3 remake doesn't have a release date yet. However, we do know that the game is coming to PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S, and that original series creator Hideo Kojima is not involved in the project's production in any capacity. On a recent episode of Spot On, GameSpot's Tamoor Hussain and Lucy James expressed concern about the project, especially given that MGS3 is widely considered one of the best games of its console generation, if not of all time.

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Logitech Gaming Accessories Are Super Cheap At Amazon

Thu, 06/01/2023 - 01:53

When it comes to getting the most bang for your buck, it’s hard to beat Logitech. The company makes some of the most popular gaming accessories on the market, and often times its accessories are more affordable than the competition. That’s even more true today, as Amazon is slashing prices on a wide variety of Logitech headsets, keyboards, gaming mice, and other accessories.

One of the biggest price cuts is for the premium G533 Wireless Gaming Headset, which is seeing a $90 discount and is now just $60. With support for 7.1 surround sound, impressive bass, and a gorgeous design featuring stainless steel bands for added durability, Logitech’s headset is an easy recommendation at this new low price.


If you want something a bit more affordable, consider checking out the G435 Lightspeed, which offers many of the same features and is just $30 (down from $80).

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A Sequel To Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City Is In Production - Report

Thu, 06/01/2023 - 01:50

The 2021 reboot of the Resident Evil movie franchise might be getting a sequel, with a report suggesting that some funding for the project has just been allocated.

A report by, a new outlet for the region of Sudbury, Canada, states that an $11 million cash injection has been secured by the local government for 20 projects in the area. The report, first picked up by PCGamesN, goes on to state that one of those projects is named "Umbrella Chronicles," which is being developed by film company Raccoon HG Film Productions, the same company behind Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City.

Given that the Sudbury area is also where the movie was filmed, it seems plausible that all this evidence is pointing towards production on its sequel starting sometime soon. While it has yet to be officially announced, the rumored title of "Umbrella Chronicles" could suggest the film pulling source material from the spin-off game of the same name. Although given that Welcome to Raccoon City smashed together the stories of both Resident Evil 1 and 2, anything is possible for the direction of a follow-up.

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Man Uses Duck Hunt Pistol To Rob Store, Gets Arrested

Thu, 06/01/2023 - 01:43

A man has been arrested after he used a customized version of the pistol from Duck Hunt to rob a convenience store this week. According to WBTV, 25-year-old David Joseph Dalesandro held up the Sharon Kwik Stop on York Street in Sharon, South Carolina recently using a NES Zapper painted black.

Dalesandro was wearing a mask, a wig, and a hooded sweatshirt during the robbery, authorities said. The suspect is said to have brandished the fake gun and demanded money from the register, taking $300.

He was found at a nearby Dollar General with the Duck Hunt pistol in his pants, Queen City News reported. Dalesandro was taken to the York County Detention Center.

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Humble's Classic Game Sale Will Send Your PC Back To 2005

Thu, 06/01/2023 - 01:28

Humble’s Classic Games sale is now live, offering up to 75% off on select PC titles for the next few days.

Many of the titles you’d expect from a classics sale are included. You can grab a bunch of discounted boomer shooters--like the real ones from the 90s--including Quake for $2 (normally $5) and the original Wolfenstein 3D for $1.49 (also down from $5). Speaking of landmark '90s PC games, you can grab the Fallout Classic Collection --which includes Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel--for just $5 (normally $20).

The sale isn’t just '90s PC games, however. Tons of HD ports of releases from the early 2000s are also on sale, including Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time for $2 (normally $10) or Beyond Good and Evil for $3 (normally $10). Advent Rising is even on sale for just $6.49 (discounted from $10). Remember that game? It was marketed as the next big multi-media event back in 2005, and now you can play it for just a few bucks.

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PlayStation Plus Free Games For June 2023 Revealed

Thu, 06/01/2023 - 01:25

PlayStation has announced next month's lineup of free games for PS Plus subscribers. All subscribers will be able to claim three games for PS5 and PS4: NBA 2K23, Jurassic World Evolution 2, and Trek to Yomi. June 2023's PlayStation Plus monthly games go live on June 6, so you have less than a week to claim the current lineup, if you haven't already.

With the NBA Finals on the horizon, it's not a bad time to start playing NBA 2K23. Along with some nice improvements to the on-court gameplay, NBA 2K23 added new game modes and features that are pretty darn cool. Most notably, The Jordan Challenge lets basketball fans take a trip through Michael Jordan's legendary career with 15 iconic playable moments. You can also rewrite basketball history with MyNBA Eras. The PS5 and PS4 versions of NBA 2K23 will be up for grabs.

If you watched the Jurassic World movies and said to yourself, "I could do a much better job managing these genetically modified dinosaurs," Jurassic World Evolution 2 gives you that opportunity. Set after the events of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, this management sim lets you create your own dino park. Multiple modes are available, including a campaign mode with Jeff Goldblum, a sandbox mode, and a challenge mode that will put your management skills to the test.

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Optimus Prime May Be Coming To Fortnite Soon

Thu, 06/01/2023 - 01:25

Fortnite's Chapter 4 Season 3 isn't quite here yet, but we've got a pretty good idea of what might be coming to the battle royale shooter in June. Perhaps the biggest piece of news is that an Optimus Prime skin might be coming to the game as this season's big crossover, and other Transformers-themed items could be along for the ride.

- Fortnite x Transformers Collab with an Optimus Prime skin.
- A Summer Meowscles skin, and a Mechanic skin.
- Rideable Raptors that now get exhausted.
- Tropical Biome and with most likely a Desert area, and a volcanic area, as it's been leaked multiple…

— HYPEX (@HYPEX) May 28, 2023

In the above tweet, reliable Fortnite leaker HypeX broke down all of the leaks that have emerged about the upcoming season so far. They include rideable raptors that get exhausted, a tropical biome with desert and volcano-themed areas, Ratchet & Clank-style grind rails, and a full new racing mode, complete with cosmetics, a car garage, and race tracks. Weapon-specific leaks suggest that the Lever Action Rifle and Infantry Rifle will make a return, along with the introduction of a Mythic Drum Shotgun.

The Optimus Prime skin in particular seems to originate from a loading screen that was posted to a popular gaming leaks community on Reddit. As usual, it's best to treat these leaks as unconfirmed rumors for the time being, and thus with a whole heaping helping of salt. However, it is true that Fortnite leakers have a pretty good track record when it comes to things like this. As HypeX notes in a follow-up tweet, the leakers don't know for sure if all of this new content is planned for Season 3 alone, so it's possible that some of it will emerge in coming seasons.

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You Can Watch Summer Game Fest 2023 Live In Theaters For Free

Thu, 06/01/2023 - 01:22

You can watch Summer Game Fest live on the big screen in 23 US cities for free. Host and founder Geoff Keighley said on Twitter that Cinemark has partnered up with the fest to provide space for the fan screenings.

See #SummerGameFest LIVE on the big screen next Thursday!
We're excited to announce FREE fan screenings of #SummerGameFest in 23 U.S. cities in partnership with @Cinemark -- see @MortalKombat 1, Alan Wake 2 and more.
Sign-up now using this form:

— Geoff Keighley (@geoffkeighley) May 31, 2023

If you are interested in attending, you can fill out this linked form. You'll have to be able to make it to one of the designated theaters. Keep in mind that some of the screenings will offer showings in XD or IMAX, while others will not. Tough luck if you're in Denver, Chicago, or San Francisco.

Here's the full list of locations, so you can see if attending a fan screening is available for you:

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DreamHack Dallas: Everything You Need To Know

Thu, 06/01/2023 - 01:19

The gaming-focused convention series DreamHack comes to Dallas soon, and it's shaping up to be another big event. Fans can expect tournaments, cosplay, meet-and-greets, and much more when the show comes to Dallas June 2-4 at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center. Here is everything you need to know about the big show coming up soon.

What is it?

DreamHack is a gaming-focused convention series that makes stops across the US and around the world, this latest event taking place in Dallas. The company is owned by the esports giant ESL, and DreamHack has been around for close to 30 years.

Where is it?

DreamHack Dallas 2023 takes place at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Texas.

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Man Rips Skin Off Dinosaur At Jurassic World Exhibit, Gets Arrested

Thu, 06/01/2023 - 01:15

A Jurassic Park exhibit recently opened in Atlanta, but the launch did not exactly go to plan, as a man was arrested after sitting on a dinosaur and ripping its skin off. The exhibit was temporarily closed to the damage.

The New York Times quotes a police report detailing the arrest of a person who gained entry to the Jurassic World Exhibition and is suspected of vandalizing it. The police report states that a manager discovered "several exhibits" were damaged when they arrived for work. After seeing the damage, the manager looked at the security video footage and saw a person "sitting on top of one of the dinosaurs ripping off the skin covering."

In addition to the dinosaur that was damaged, "several other items" from the exhibit were vandalized, totaling an estimated $250,000 in damages.

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Hot Wheels Unleashed 2: Turbocharged Announced, Coming This Fall

Thu, 06/01/2023 - 01:00

We have good news for fans of racing games and childhood nostalgia alike, as Hot Wheels Unleashed 2: Turbocharged is officially on the horizon. In an announcement from Mattel and developer Milestone, details of the new kart racer were unveiled, along with a cinematic trailer, and a release date for consoles and PC set for October 19, 2023.

The sequel comes two years after Milestone's original Hot Wheels Unleashed, which released to generally favorable reviews from critics. GameSpot's Hot Wheels Unleashed review gave the game a 7/10, praising its fluid gameplay and car variety, while criticizing the variety of its set pieces.

Milestone has said that Hot Wheels Unleashed 2: Turbocharged will include "greater diversity of vehicles and environments," including--if the trailer is any indication--off-roading (or, in this case, off-tracking) through rugged outdoor terrain. They have also added two new gameplay mechanics: "Dash," which can be used to dodge incoming objects or ram opponents off the road, and "jump," which can help "uncover hidden shortcuts" and "discover new track sections." Motorcycles and ATVs will also be making their debut in the 130-vehicle starting roster, though it's unclear if--or how--the handling of these will differ from the more traditional, four-wheeled options.

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