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Destiny 2: Lightfall - Where To Find The Thrilladome Lost Sector

Fri, 03/03/2023 - 01:15

Trouble is brewing in Destiny 2: Lightfall's Neomuna arcade, as the Vex have discovered a backdoor into the Neptunian city's systems through one of its entertainment areas. Fortunately, the city has you to count on for its Vex problem in this lost sector, which combines a futuristic gaming location with Vex simulations to create a unique area to explore. The Thrilladome lost sector, which has a 1780 power level recommendation, can be challenging, but it's one that you'll want to prepare for after the Lightfall campaign ends.

For the Unfinished Business Exotic mission that will ultimately reward you with the new Deterministic Chaos machine gun, you'll need to dive into this lost sector as one of the quest steps. Once you're done with that mission, the Thrilladome is an excellent location for farming Vex as part of any possible seasonal objectives or bounties, and it has some great sections in which to practice your new Strand-swinging powers while you're dealing with the pressure of having time-traveling robots shoot a barrage of lasers at you.

For more Lightfall guides, you can check out where to find the Hydroponics Delta lost sector and where to find the Gilded Precept lost sector.

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Destiny 2: Lightfall - Where To Find The Hydroponics Delta Lost Sector

Fri, 03/03/2023 - 01:13

Neomuna is this year's big new Destiny 2 destination, and like other patrol zones introduced in the game over the years, it has a number of lost sectors to explore. These mini-levels have a simple formula, as you'll work your way through corridors loaded with enemies, defeat them, and eventually take on a boss at the end as you chase after some loot in the process. Not just great for a round of target practice, the right lost sector can also help you tick seasonal challenges off your to-do list.

Among the the three lost sectors that you'll come across in Lightfall is the Hydroponics Delta area in Zephyr Concourse. With a recommended power level of 1750 for this area, you'll need to work your way through the Lightfall campaign to increase your chances at survival. If you're planning to do the Legend difficulty version of this lost sector--1830 power level recommended--so that you can earn an Exotic, it'll have the following modifiers in play:

  • Locked Equipment, Extra Shields
  • Barrier and Unstoppable champions
  • Threat: Void
  • Shields: None
  • Modifiers: Empath (enhanced radar)

Once you're properly geared up, here's where you can find the lost sector and what you can expect inside of it.

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Sequel Planned, But Not Promised

Fri, 03/03/2023 - 01:01

Always three, there are. At least, that's the way it seems with Star Wars, and the Jedi game series starring Cal Kestis sounds to be no different.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor director Stig Asmussen expressed his desire to make the game franchise a trilogy while speaking with IGN. Jeff Grubb, of GameSpot sister site Giant Bomb, added on Twitter that "the assumption among the team I've heard is that, as long as Survivor does fine, they will begin working on another Jedi game."

Asmussen told IGN how he and his team at Respawn Entertainment plotted out Star Wars Jedi: Survivor with a sequel planned in their minds. "We had a pretty decent idea of timeframe where we wanted Survivor to take place, what the stakes were going to be, what the tone of the game was going to be, what Cal was going to be up against, and how the crew was going to factor into that," Asmussen said. "And there's ideas of what we could do beyond that as well."

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Olympic Esports Events For 2023 Include Gran Turismo, Just Dance, Chess

Fri, 03/03/2023 - 00:45

The Olympics aren't just for traditional sports, as the International Olympics Committee announced recently that qualification for the Olympic Esports Series 2023 has begun. The events, which will culminate in the finals in Singapore in late June, will be streamed live on and on other social media sites.

So far, nine events have been confirmed for the Olympic Esports Series. Just Dance will represent the dance event, will be used for the chess event, and motor sport competitors will vie for pole position in Gran Turismo 7. The other six events include archery (Tic Tac Bow), baseball (WBSC eBaseball: Power Pros), cycling (Zwift), sailing (Virtual Regatta), taekwondo (Virtual Taekwondo), and tennis (Tennis Clash).

As noted by VGC, it's not clear at this point how exactly the qualification process will work for each of the separate events. We do know that the Gran Turismo 7 qualification will take place on a custom Olympic Esports Series track, which will be available in the game starting April 13. The IOC is promoting the Olympic Esports Series as its attempt to support the world of virtual sports within the greater Olympics umbrella. The first event of this kind took place in 2021 and featured only five different events.

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New $300 Switch Bundle Confirmed, Includes A Free Mario Game, Launches March 10

Fri, 03/03/2023 - 00:31

[UPDATE] Nintendo has now confirmed the new Switch bundle. It's called the Choose One bundle, and it comes with a Switch system, red Joy-Cons, and your choice of a free Mario game download. The options include, as rumored, Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, or New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. It also includes a sticker pack themed around The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

The Choose One bundle launches March 10, priced at $300.

The Choose One bundle arrives March 10

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Guides Hub

Thu, 03/02/2023 - 22:00

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is Team Ninja's newest entry in the Soulslike genre, bringing plenty of punishing combat encounters, gear to find and upgrade, and plenty of collectibles to discover in its winding levels set in ancient China. With so much to do in the game, we've put together quite a few guides answering some key questions, and we've compiled them all here for you to peruse.

Table of Contents [hide]Beginner's guide

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is one of the genre's more approachable entries, but it still never hurts to know what to expect before diving into such a difficult title. If you want a leg up, check out our Beginner's Guide for some tips and tricks for the opening hours of the game.

How long it takes to beat the game

Like most soulslike titles, there's a lot to tackle in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, and it's not going to be a quick and easy adventure. If you'd like to know what's in store for you, find out how long it takes to beat.

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How Long Is Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty?

Thu, 03/02/2023 - 22:00

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is Team Ninja's newest soulslike outing, bringing the company's trademark challenge and flair to a tale based in ancient China. With winding levels filled to the brim with demons, punishing bosses who can snuff you out in just a hit or two, and an abundance of gear to grind for and upgrade, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will certainly keep you busy for many, many hours. If you'd like to know just how long it'll take you to make your way through, though, we've got the answer here.

How long is Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty?

Completing the campaign in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will average around 25 hours. That being said, genre veterans with considerable knowledge of how these types of games play may be able to work through it a bit quicker, while those trying their hands at a soulslike for the first time could find that it takes them even longer.

Completionists, meanwhile, can expect to spend at least 5-10 additional hours beating any skipped side missions and wrapping up the extra requirements for obtaining all of the Trophies or Achievements in the game. This includes finding various types of collectibles, fully upgrading armor and weapons, engaging in some cooperative play, and doing a few miscellaneous tasks.

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty New Game Plus Explained: 5-Star Gear And Other Changes

Thu, 03/02/2023 - 22:00

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a challenging soulslike experience that is certain to last quite a few hours on an initial playthrough. With so much content to see throughout your first run through the campaign, you might think that's all that is available to you--but there's plenty more to delve into after besting the final boss. As with Team Ninja's other games, there is a New Game Plus mode to experience once you've rolled the credits, and we'll tell you what to expect below.

How New Game Plus works in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Once you beat the game by defeating the final boss, you unlock the ability to replay the game on the harder Rising Dragon difficulty. Parts 1-3 are available from the get-go on this new difficulty, meaning you can take on missions out of their original order if you find yourself stuck on something or simply don't want to play a particular level. As you reach certain completion milestones, you gain access to more and more late-game missions that you can once again finish in whatever order you prefer.

Enemies will hit much harder on this new difficulty, so maxing out your 4-star gear and having a solid build will be of vital importance if you want to tackle the whole campaign again. Otherwise, not much changes besides the addition of 5-star gear, which can be periodically found in chests or dropped by enemies. Coming by this highest tier of gear won't be common, so you may need to grind certain missions or bosses for chances at scoring specific pieces that would help your build.

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Golden Cicada Shells Explained

Thu, 03/02/2023 - 22:00

Like most games in the genre, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is filled to the brim with items to find off the beaten path, though many of them don't have immediately obvious uses. Such is the case with Golden Cicada Shells, which you'll find in well-hidden spots throughout levels--that is, if you're exploring thoroughly enough. But what do they do, and where do you take them? We've got you covered below.

Where to take Golden Cicada Shells

After completing the first few main missions in the game, you'll eventually find the quiet and majestic Hidden Village hub, where you'll be able to respec your attributes, upgrade your weapons, and undertake some game-long missions. It's in this Hidden Village that you'll encounter the NPC desperately seeking Golden Cicada Shells.

Take Cicada Shells to the man atop this tall tower in the Hidden Village.

You can take Golden Cicada Shells to the man high atop an extremely tall tower in the center of the village. From the spawn point, take the vine to the left of the battle flag, then head down the stairs and left across three more sets of vines to reach the tower. Use the vines wrapped around the tower to scale it, and at the very top will be a strange fellow who seems eager to get as many Golden Cicada Shells as you can bring him.

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - Where To Find The House Keys

Thu, 03/02/2023 - 22:00

After completing the first handful of missions in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you'll soon find yourself in a serene Hidden Village. It's a beautiful place where a variety of NPCs will gather with various tasks for you to complete, including a young lady who needs help rounding up her house key--though you'll soon find that the quest expands even further than that. We'll tell you how to find the Taoist's House Key and the Taoist's Backdoor Key in this guide.

Where to find the House Key

The Taoist's House Key is found in the mission "In Search of the Immortal Wizard" in Part 3--but it can be easy to miss if you aren't paying attention to your surroundings. You'll find it sitting behind a stone structure covered in vines at the end of the mission while traveling through the winding mountain path directly before the boss arena. If you reach the spot to drop down and fight the boss, you've gone too far, so turn around and spot the glowing item on the ground.

Take the key to the woman, then continue to speak with her to find that she also needs you to find her backdoor key.

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - Lu Bu Boss Guide

Thu, 03/02/2023 - 22:00

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has plenty of challenging boss battles throughout its long and winding campaign, but for most players, the game's first major skill check is likely to be the initial showdown against warlord Lu Bu. This big fella has a huge health bar and hits like a truck, making him a challenge for even the most hardened veterans of the genre--but we've got a few tips and tricks that might help you deal with him a bit better.

How to beat Lu Bu in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Lu Bu is fast and deadly, so you'll need to be prepared for the fight by ensuring your gear is leveled as much as you can get it and that you've got some pretty decent deflecting skills. When you're ready to take him down, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Master the horseback phase first

The battle against Lu Bu is likely to be a long one, so mastering the very opening of the fight is important. You'll want to be sure you can complete this phase without needing to use your Dragon Cure Pots to heal--you'll very likely need them later. Lu Bu will begin the fight on horseback, and his moveset will be pretty limited. He'll frequently charge at you with a swipe that is easy to dodge or deflect, and then he'll post up and shoot some arrows at you, which you should usually just block (more on that below). He also has two critical strikes--a high leap attack and a charge--both of which are pretty easy to time deflects for so that you can get massive spirit damage on him.

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - How To Change Your Character's Appearance

Thu, 03/02/2023 - 22:00

Part of the appeal of any role-playing game is creating a character that you connect with, as you're likely to be spending a lot of time with them throughout your lengthy journey. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has a fairly robust character creation system that should meet the needs of most players, but if you decide you'd like to change things up, you'll have the opportunity to do so. Here's how to change your character's appearance in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

How to change your character's appearance in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

You can change your character's appearance at any time by speaking to Zuo Ci at the Hidden Village, but you won't unlock this location until you've made a bit of progress in the game. Zuo Ci won't be available on your first visit, either, but he'll soon be available once you've completed a few more missions.

Once unlocked, Zuo Ci can be found in the house on the main platform of the Hidden Village (where you spawn). Select "Character Creation" from the list of options he provides you to gain access to all of the same features you were able to use when originally creating your character. While you're there, you can also respec your character's attributes.

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - How To Respec

Thu, 03/02/2023 - 22:00

A debate has long since waged about whether you should be able to respec your character's attributes in soulslike games, but Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty makes its stance extremely clear: Yes, you should be able to respec your stats, and you should be able to do it as often as you'd like with no consequences. If you're looking to change things up but aren't quite sure how, we've got you covered below.

How to respec in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Once you've made a little bit of progress in the main story, you'll eventually come across the Hidden Village hub. You can revisit this location at any point in the story to meet and engage with a variety of NPCs, allowing you to earn items, upgrade your weapons, and more. After completing a few more missions, the house on the top of the hill near the flag (where you spawn) will finally open up. Inside, you'll find a character named Zuo Ci, who offers you a handful of options.

Speak to Zuo Ci in the Hidden Village and select "Reset Parameters," which is Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty's way of saying "respec," essentially. In the next menu, you can take points from a virtue and redistribute it to any other virtue you'd like to level up. There are no consequences for moving these stats around as you see fit, so you're welcome to revisit Zuo Ci as many times as you'd like to change up your build. You can even change your character's appearance here, too, if you'd like.

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Tips And Tricks

Thu, 03/02/2023 - 22:00

Whether you're a newbie or a genre veteran, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is likely to test your mettle with its risk/reward exploration and punishing boss battles. There's a lot to keep up with in Team Ninja's newest Soulslike entry, and it can seem a little overwhelming when you first dive in--especially since many of the game's mechanics put unique spins on those of similar titles. But we've compiled a few handy tips here that we hope will give you some insight into how to approach Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty's opening hours.

Aggression is rewarded

Wo Long's spirit system greatly rewards your aggression--at least when that aggression is doled out appropriately. Your standard attacks and well-timed deflects raise your spirit (stamina), which you can then spend on Martial Arts or heavy attacks for significant damage to your enemy's HP and spirit. If you spend too much time blocking or dodging and not enough time dishing out those standard attacks, you'll quickly find that your own spirit gets broken, leaving you stunned and vulnerable as a result. In short, make sure you're maintaining your spirit by staying on top of foes with attacks and deflecting their swings when possible.

Aggression is encouraged in Wo Long.There aren't many barriers to experimentation early on

Wo Long is one of the genre's least punishing games in terms of experimentation, especially in the opening hours. After completing the first handful of missions in the game, you gain access to an NPC in the village hub that allows you to respec your character's stats at no cost anytime you'd like. Meanwhile, you won't necessarily need to invest heavily in weapon and armor upgrades until much later in the game.

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Halo Infinite Team Deep Dives On Season 3's New Maps

Thu, 03/02/2023 - 16:30

Almost a week ahead of Halo Infinite Season 3's launch, developer 343 Industries has released new information about the upcoming updates maps and modes.

As previously shown in Season 3's launch trailer, the season will introduce three new maps to Halo: Infinite. The first, Oasis, is a Big Team Battle map, set on red rocks in the process of terraforming to a verdant green. Basically everywhere on this map is vehicle accessible, meaning that you can take a warthog into the tunnels and buildings that populate the landscape. This offers both chaotic and strategic possibilities, especially for CTF.

The second is an arena map called Cliffhanger. This map is a snowy mountaintop, which hides an ONI research facility. Cliffhanger was designed with zone-control modes in mind. It's asymmetric and the design team wanted to make each area feel unique and tactically different, depending on the mode you are playing the map in.

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Marvel Snap Decks - Best MODOK Decks

Thu, 03/02/2023 - 11:04

Marvel Snap’s newest season pass, Into the Quantum Realm, introduces us to a new card: MODOK. MODOK is a 5-Cost card with 8-Power and has a game-changing On Reveal effect that discards your entire hand. MODOK’s effect may seem entirely unfavorable or even game-losing, but Discard decks are incredibly terrifying, surprising, and can turn the tables in a match very swiftly or at the last possible moment to attain that sweet victory. In our best Pool 2 and Pool 3 decks, we did cover two different Discard decks: Discardian Discord and Discardian Dissonance respectively. MODOK is able to improve Discard decks even more so through its On Reveal effect.

This guide will cover a few of the best MODOK-based decks, how to improve your already efficient Discard-centric decks, and even if you are not the sort of cardfighter to purchase Marvel Snap’s season passes, these decks will still be viable in creating in the future when you do eventually obtain MODOK due to the game’s card rollout system.

Discarding Detriment

Discarding Detriment is similar to Discardian Dissonance from Pool 3 but swaps out Gambit for MODOK. Colleen will always discard the lowest-cost card, so you want to be discarding Swarm. Swarm, when discarded, creates an extra copy, which also is a 0-Cost card. By playing these 0-Cost Swarm cards on top of Lockjaw’s location, you will be able to swap out for a much stronger card in your deck such as Hell Cow, America Chavez, or even Sword Master.

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New Kickstarter Will Add 3D Printed Elden Ring-Style Fog Gates To Your D&D Campaign

Thu, 03/02/2023 - 09:23

Tabletop RPGs are a time-intensive hobby, with some gamemasters spending hours setting up the perfect virtual or physical map for the climax of the D&D session. If you're looking to add a little more pizzaz to your sessions, one Kickstarter will sell you a 3D-printed portal that lets you make your own fog gates, and the effect is pretty impressive.

Black Scrolls Games is one of many companies that sells 3D-printed terrain pieces for D&D campaigns, which are intended for use with grid-based combat, or to simply give your players an idea of the battlefield. However, this Kickstarter also includes portal pieces that hold your phone, which allows you to make a swirling gate effect, or even the fog gates made famous by FromSoftware's Souls series. They can even be used horizontally for a witch's cauldron effect. However, you'll need a 3D printer to make these, so make sure you know that before you back it.

"Act 1" of the Kickstarter includes almost a dozen portals that can be used in various configurations, including one with a pond effect that drains to reveal a dungeon entrance beneath. Very nifty. Act 2 includes at least 4 more, including a particularly impressive tree portal called Summoned Souls. While these pieces aren't necessary for a great D&D campaign, they'll definitely have an effect on your party if you're a GM who pays particular attention to presentation. Backers who commit $45 or more will receive the full set in 3D printer format.

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Best Gaming Keyboards In 2023

Thu, 03/02/2023 - 09:21

If you're just getting into PC gaming or are looking to upgrade your setup, choosing a gaming keyboard can be more complicated than you might think. Alongside a gaming mouse, your gaming keyboard is the piece of gear that you'll interact with the most. Plus, you'll probably also want to use it for activities outside of gaming, so you definitely want a keyboard that feels and looks up to your standards and preferences. To help you out, we've rounded up our picks for the best gaming keyboards in 2023.

Between key switches, mechanical vs membrane keyboards, and all the extra features that keyboards tend to come with--such as multimedia keys and RGB lighting--there is a lot to consider. For details on the differences between various keyboard switches, scroll down below the list. Our list of the best gaming keyboards includes wireless and wired options as well as keyboards with different form factors and switches.

Looking to complete your gaming keyboard and mouse combo, or just want more gaming peripherals to shop for? Check out our picks for the best gaming headset and best gaming mouse. If you have a Steam Deck, make sure to check out our roundups of the We also have a list of the best Steam Deck games and best Steam Deck accessories.

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Genshin Impact - Dehya Best Talents And Team Comps Guide

Thu, 03/02/2023 - 08:47

Dehya is a 5-star Pyro character added as part of Genshin Impact's version 3.5 update. While she's been part of your journey for quite some time due to her appearances in various quests, you'll now have a shot at getting her to join your roster. Of course, you might want to consider just what she brings to the table. Here's our guide to help you with the best talents and team comps for Dehya in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact - Dehya's talent priorities

Elemental Burst: Leonine Bite (top priority) - Becomes resistant to interruption and unable to use all other abilities; you may only do a flurry of punches, followed by a diving attack. All of these hits deal Pyro damage, and scale off her ATK and max HP stats. Lastly, Dehya will create another Molten Inferno (elemental skill aura) at the end of this sequence. This is considered the best talent priority for Dehya in Genshin Impact, as this is where most of her DPS will come from.

Elemental Skill: Molten Inferno (next priority) - Creates an area-of-effect aura, with a second charge that can be used afterward, causing a diving attack. Enemies that take damage within this field will trigger a coordinated Pyro AoE attack based on Dehya's ATK and max HP (can occur once every 2.5 seconds). Additionally, other characters within the field become resistant to interruption, and a portion of the damage they take will instead be funneled onto Dehya, who'll lose a bit of HP in their stead.

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Genshin Impact - Dehya Best Artifacts Guide

Thu, 03/02/2023 - 08:41

Dehya can become part of your team thanks to the version 3.5 update in Genshin Impact. If you successfully acquire her from her wish banner, you'll be able to make use of her abilities. Still, you're probably thinking of the ideal accessories for her. Here's our guide to help you with the best artifacts for Dehya in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact - Best artifact set combinations for Dehya

When talking about the best artifacts for Dehya in Genshin Impact, we have to consider the type of role you want her to have. This is primarily due to her rather unimpressive damage output. As such, you might prefer that she plays a support role instead, as opposed to pure DPS.

Support Dehya best artifact: Tenacity of the Millelith (4-piece)
  • 2-piece bonus: +20% HP.
  • 4-piece bonus: When an elemental skill hits an opponent, all party members gain +20% ATK and +30% shield strength for three seconds; can be triggered even when the character isn't on the field.
  • Preferred stats: HP%/HP%/HP%.

If you start Dehya's trial, you'll notice that she's wearing Tenacity of the Millelith. That's because of three factors. The first is that the damage of her skill and burst scale off her maximum HP. The second is that her elemental skill can proc multiple times due to a large Pyro area-of-effect (AoE) aura. And, lastly, her skill will let her soak the damage taken by another active character within that aura (i.e., she'll take damage instead).

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