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Updated: 1 hour 22 min ago

Sons Of The Forest - Gold Arm Door and Golden Armor Guide

Wed, 03/01/2023 - 06:07

The various mysteries you've experienced in Sons of the Forest will culminate in a harrowing journey to the very depths of the island. There, you'll face numerous threats as you attempt to make it out alive. Here's our guide to help you find the Golden Armor so you can unlock the Gold Arm Door in Sons of the Forest.

The Golden Armor and Gold Arm Door in Sons of the Forest

To acquire the Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest, you'll need to get the following in order: Maintenance Keycard, VIP Keycard, and Guest Keycard. Once you have these, it's time to head to the opposite side of the island. Regardless of how the map rotates on the GPS Tracker's screen, you'll simply want to go to the other side of the mountain range where you'll find a green marker that's directly across a cave and a lake.

There's a larger-than-usual facility, and it's crawling with mutants. Check every room to grab some cool stuff here, such as the Putter, Leather Jacket, Katana, Gold Mask, and, of course, the Sons of the Forest Golden Armor.

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Hundreds Of Apex Legends Playtesters Laid Off During EA Zoom Call

Wed, 03/01/2023 - 05:44

Apex Legends Season 16: Revelry is all about celebrating the game's fourth year. Unfortunately, playtesters at EA's Baton Rouge office are unlikely to join in the festivities after over 200 of them were laid off earlier today, according to a report by Kotaku. According to the publication's sources, the announcement came via a "surprise Zoom call" during which hundreds of Apex Legends playtesters were unceremoniously dumped by the triple-A game publisher.

Described as "unscheduled and mandatory," it's clear the Zoom call came as a shock to both the playtesters themselves and the company's higher level supervisors--the latter of whom were allegedly given no notice nor time to prepare prior to Tuesday's massive layoffs. Adding insult to injury, Kotaku's sources claim that, after the surprise Zoom meeting, employees who had been laid off were only allowed to go clean out their desks and collect personal belongings while under the direct supervision of EA security personnel. EA is reportedly offering 60 days of severance pay, though this is allegedly far less time than most employees still had on their employment contracts.

Not to be confused with the publisher's volunteer playtesters, the folks at EA's Baton Rouge office were official EA employees who worked in the quality assurance department. While the Louisiana-based office had worked on other titles in the past, its focus was shifted specifically to Apex Legends prior to the hit battle royale's surprise February 2019 launch. Sources that spoke to Kotaku expressed concern regarding the impact of the layoffs on the game itself. Apex Legends runs on a heavily modified version of Source Engine, and is no stranger to fairly significant bugs that have sometimes gone unaddressed for months. Having fewer QA specialists on hand could make troubleshooting a bit more difficult going forward.

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Kerbal Space Program 2 Is Catching Fire For A Buggy Early Launch

Wed, 03/01/2023 - 05:30

Kerbal Space Program 2 launched in early access on February 24, but players are complaining about bugs and requesting refunds.

As Eurogamer noted, the Steam reviews are mixed with only 50% of the game's over 9,000 reviews marked as positive. Multiple reviews cite the game's buggy state and high price tag (even in early access the game retails at $50). Others say they have requested refunds.

In a blog post on Steam, Kerbal Space Program community lead Michael Loreno clarified the current state of the game and its relationship to the current PC specifications. The post assures that, "the game is undergoing continuous optimization, and performance will improve over the course of Early Access." The current minimum specifications are for this early access period and may change over time, as the team fixes bugs and optimizes systems.

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Destiny 2 Season Of Defiance Seasonal Challenges Guide Week 1

Wed, 03/01/2023 - 05:26

Destiny 2's new Lightfall expansion has arrived, and with it comes a brand-new season of activity to dive into. Season of Defiance, the 20th Destiny 2 season, adds new activities, Exotics, and story missions to the mix, as well as a number of new seasonal objectives every week during this time period.

There are usually around 10 weeks of Seasonal Objectives to pursue, and completing them is worth the time and effort as they have great rewards to offer. Extra XP and the Bright Dust currency are usually on offer every week, and when a season has a new vendor to interact with, there'll usually be some rare materials to acquire that can be used to unlock new seasonal perks.

Season of Defiance doesn't deviate from that pattern, as you'll be able to earn three upgrades for your War Table this week. Righteous Defiance, Awaken, Queensguard, and Legion's Bounty are the challenges you'll want to grab first, which largely focus on the new Defiant Battlegrounds seasonal activity and the first week's story mission.

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Dune: Awakening MMO Will Let Players Team Up With Characters Who Are Dead In The Book

Wed, 03/01/2023 - 05:21

Funcom's upcoming survival MMO Dune: Awakening is still largely shrouded in mystery, but fans now know when exactly it takes place in the timeline of Frank Herbert's sci-fi universe, and the answer is in an entire timeline of its own.

In an interview with PC Gamer, Dune: Awakening creative director Joel Bylos revealed that the game will take place several years after that of the original Dune book, albeit in a separate timeline where events have played out differently.

"It's similar to the books, but we've gone with an alternate history, like a 'what-if', if you want," Bylos said. "We worked closely with the Herbert [family] and Legendary [Pictures], and we found a point, a single point, the single pebble that starts a landslide."

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Obsidian Wants To Make Fallout: New Vegas Remastered

Wed, 03/01/2023 - 04:57

Fallout: New Vegas is one of the most beloved RPGs of all time, and it can be pretty tough to get it run well on a modern PC. The leadership of developer Obsidian would love to change that if they have a chance, with game directors Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky saying that they would love to remaster the game.

In a recent interview with TheGamer, The Outer Worlds production director Eric DeMilt said that the team would like to give New Vegas a facelift, noting that the game had significant technical problems at launch.

"When it came out, it had stability issues," DeMilt said. "It's overcome those and now people are able to go back to that game, because those characters and the stories are just rich, and people want to be in there." Cain and Boyarsky agreed with DeMilt's point, calling the prospect of a graphical remaster "awesome."

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14 Years In, Resident Evil 5 Removes Games For Windows Live, Fixes Split-Screen

Wed, 03/01/2023 - 04:12

You probably haven't thought about Resident Evil 5 in a while, but Capcom apparently has. The Steam version of one of the campiest entries in the beloved series recently received a small patch that removes support for the long-dead Games for Windows Live. The good news is that this also restores the default split-screen feature to the game, which was disabled on PC due to GFWL.

If you aren't familiar, Games for Windows Live was a key part of a Microsoft initiative to connect PC games to its servers. The service launched in 2007, never saw much uptake, and was retired in 2014. These days, it's better-known for causing glitches and compatibility issues in games from that era--the original Dark Souls being perhaps the most notable example--requiring developers to issue patches for old games in order to resolve that. It apparently took Capcom 14 years to get around to it, but if you're playing a game with GFWL issues, it's usually best to check the PCGamingWiki to see if fans have developed workarounds.

Resident Evil 5 was the first game in the series to truly focus on co-op play, allowing two players to experience the entire game together from beginning to end. It is generally regarded as significantly worse than the game that proceeded it, the landmark Resident Evil 4, which will soon receive a full remake. RE5 arguably marked the beginning of a dark era for the series, which bottomed out with the almost universally reviled RE6. RE5 is also notable for the controversy surrounding its depiction of African people, which was widely condemned as racist at release. Its wildly campy final sequence, in which player character Chris famously punches a boulder, is also considered memorable by fans.

Next-Gen Nintendo Console Coming Late 2024, Report Says

Wed, 03/01/2023 - 03:52

A new report has shed more light on the video game industry landscape as it relates to the overall size and health of the market, and in particular, it claims the PlayStation 5 is expected to increase its lead over the Xbox Series X|S in the time to come. The report also suggests the next Nintendo hardware platform will launch in 2024.

Ampere Analysis said in a note that PlayStation 5 has reached 30 million units sold as of the end of 2022, compared to 18.5 million for the Xbox Series X|S. Sony publishes new PS5 sales figures every three months, but Microsoft no longer shares Xbox sales numbers, so it's unclear where, exactly, Ampere is getting its information from beyond its own estimates.

In any event, Ampere pointed out that both the PS5 and Xbox Series X faced supply issues in 2022, but the Series S was more readily available. This allowed Xbox to take advantage of Sony's supply chain issues and gain a little marketshare.

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Pokemon Go Rising Heroes Brings Back Elite Raids, Adds Gimmighoul And Gholdengo

Wed, 03/01/2023 - 03:48

The 10th season of Pokemon Go content is nearly upon us, as Niantic has announced Pokemon Go Rising Heroes, which will add new Pokemon while bringing back a special Raid type.

Pokemon Go Rising Heroes will begin March 1 at 10 AM local time, and it will run until June 1 at 10 AM local time. The event will mark the return of Elite Raids, which are special events where super-powerful Pokemon will be available to catch. Rising Heroes will feature two Elite Raids--one for Regieleki and one for Regidrago--which are scheduled for March 11 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET and April 9 at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET.

Two new Pokemon will be available at the start of the new season: Gimmighoul, the Coin Hunter Pokemon that debuted in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, can be caught in the wild using a special item, while its evolution Gholdengo can be earned by finding coins at special golden PokeStops.

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The Xbox Store Has Hundreds Of Game Deals Right Now

Wed, 03/01/2023 - 03:41

A bunch of popular games are on sale at the Xbox Store right now, giving you a chance to stock up on titles you missed out on over the past few years. All genres and price ranges are included in the savings, so there’s bound to be something that catches your eye.

Control is one of the cheapest games on sale, with a new price of just $9, down from $30. Featuring a paranormal story, intense action sequences, and gorgeous graphics, there’s no doubt it’s worth checking out at this reduced price. You’ll also find Alan Wake Remastered listed for just $14, which is another beloved title from Remedy that deserves a spot in your Xbox library. Plus, these two Remedy games take place inside a shared universe.

Dead Island 2 is set to launch on April 21, and with the Dead Island Definitive Collection on sale for just $5, now is a great time to get caught up on the action. The Definitive Collection includes the original game plus Dead Island: Riptide and all previously released DLC. It also benefits from improved graphics and 1080p resolution.

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Destiny 2: Lightfall And Season Of Defiance Guides, Season Pass Gear, Exotics

Wed, 03/01/2023 - 03:20

It's the start of a brand-new year in Destiny 2 with the launch of Lightfall, and like previous years, there'll be plenty of new activities to take part in, Exotics to collect, and weekly missions to engage in. We're currently running down everything that you can expect to see and earn in Lightfall, which launches alongside Season of Defiance, including the new Exotics that you can unlock, the latest armor sets for Guardians, how you can change up your look with the latest ornaments, and a closer look at the new Strand subclass. A huge number of technical changes to Destiny 2 have also been made, and includes tweaks to Adept Difficulty, changes to Light subclasses, and much more.

Season of Defiance will run from February 28 until May 22, and this season will also see the return of the Guardian Games. One of Destiny 2's big events alongside Solstice, Festival of the Lost, and the Dawning, Guardian Games is a showdown between Warlocks, Titans, and Hunters to see which Guardian subclass is the best of the best.

Lightfall Storyline

The penultimate chapter in the Light and Darkness saga, Lightfall introduces the hidden Neptunian city of Neomuna to Destiny 2's collection of patrol zones. After Season of the Seraph ended with the Traveler backed into a corner--or low orbit around Earth to be specific--Lightfall sets the new story in motion with the arrival of the Witness and its Black Fleet of pyramid ships. Bad stuff is likely to go down, and while times look dark for humanity and its allies, salvation may lie on Neomuna as clues point towards the mystery of the Veil. What the Veil is exactly remains to be seen, but in the war against the Witness and its forces, it might just be the trump card that can push back the forces of the Witness.

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Indie Castlevania-Like Infernax Gets Free DLC, Adds Couch Co-op

Wed, 03/01/2023 - 03:18

Indie 8-bit adventure Infernax was one of the most acclaimed retro-style games of 2022, and now it's getting a major update in the form of free DLC. The upcoming "Deux Or Die" update will add couch co-op to the game, along with a new character, Cervul the Squire.

By default, Cervul sports Hammer Bros.-like arcing projectiles and other tools. However, if you choose to follow the game's evil path, he will gain a new set of abilities, including bombs and other high damage-dealing tools. This new mode will entirely rebalance the game for two characters, as well as giving you a single-player option that allows you to swap between heroes Alcedor and Cervul at will.

The game's secret gun mode will also receive a co-op-themed makeover. Similar to the classic Contra games that the mode serves as a homage to, you'll now be able to team up with a friend in order to take on the game with machine guns rather than maces and swords. This isn't Infernax's first piece of free DLC--back in 2022, the game added the horror-inspired playable character The Stranger to the game.

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Destiny 2: Lightfall's Season Of Defiance Brings Pyramid Ships To Earth

Wed, 03/01/2023 - 03:10

Season of Defiance will bring back familiar faces and sights in Destiny 2: Lightfall alongside the newness of Neomuna. A new season trailer places Amanda Holliday, Mithrax, Crow, and EDZ vendor Devrim Kay at the front lines to battle Calus's Shadow Legion and the Pyramid Fleet, who arrived at the EDZ and Cosmodrome. Players will also get to set foot on the Farm once again. The trailer also shows Zavala standing at the Tower with possibly ally ships hovering above the Last City in place of the Traveler.

Parts of the trailer also revealed that the fighting will take place inside the Pyramid structures on Earth, and Guardians will tear open portals using Awoken powers into the Ascendant Plane to fight Taken enemies with Mara Sov's help. It's a three-player activity called Defiant Battlegrounds where players enter the Shadow Legion's Ascendant outpost and save captives. This season will place previous Battleground activities like PsiOps and Heist in a Vanguard Ops playlist.

Season of Defiance will have new weekly missions, seasonal ornaments, and an Exotic bow called the Verglas Curve. With Guardians on their way to becoming Mara Sov's Queensguard, the seasonal gear and weapons are themed after the Awoken Queen.

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Build A Gaming PC At A Discount With This Massive Sale At Newegg

Wed, 03/01/2023 - 03:05

Piecing together a gaming rig can quickly eat into your budget. High-end processors, GPUs, motherboards, and SSDs don’t come cheap--making it easy to blow past your spending limits. But if you’re currently in the process of building a gaming PC (or just looking for an upgrade), you’ll want to stop by Newegg, as the company is holding a gigantic Built to Save promotion that’s discounting dozens of popular PC components.

Processors are a big part of the sale, with items from AMD and Intel seeing generous price cuts. This includes the AMD Ryzen 7 5700X for just $209, down from $300, and the Intel Core i9-12900K for $352 with code BTSCP2658, down from $650. Both are powerful ways to upgrade an old gaming rig and should be able to play most games without any hiccups.

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Super Mario Bros. Movie Gets New Release Date, And It's Earlier Than Expected

Wed, 03/01/2023 - 03:04

The Super Mario Bros. Movie was delayed from Holiday 2022 to April 2023, and now it's getting another release date change, but this time it's moving forward. The Super Mario Bros. Movie will now be released in the US and more than 60 international markets on April 5. Previously, the film was slated to arrive on April 7 in the US.

After its initial debut in the US and other territories, the film will come to other, unnamed markets throughout April and May. The Super Mario Bros. Movie will debut in Nintendo's home country of Japan on April 28.

Days ago, it was confirmed that The Super Mario Bros. Movie would open in China on April 5, and the newly updated schedule confirms that'll be the date for the US and dozens of other markets.

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The Light In The Darkness Shows The Horror Of The Holocaust, And You Can't "Win"

Wed, 03/01/2023 - 02:59

World War 2 has long remained one of the most popular settings for video games, but very few have touched on the full atrocities of the Nazis--not just to enemy soldiers, but to innocent civilians, primarily Jews, who were systematically murdered until 1945. Developer Luc Bernard is attempting to change that with The Light in the Darkness, a free game focused on a Jewish family that, like so many others, were persecuted by the Nazis for no other reason than their ethnicity.

Speaking to Agence France-Presse, Bernard said he felt that lots of games glossing over the horrors of the Holocaust--which were fully discovered in the final months of the war--is "a bit like denying that it ever existed." The aim with The Light in the Darkness is to show the hopeless fate so many European Jews faced as the Nazis began systematically eradicating them from the continent. About 66% of European Jews were killed during the Holocaust, and the Jewish population for the entire world has still not recovered to pre-war levels.

Crucially, you won't have any control over how the game's main characters--a Jewish family in Nazi-controlled Vichy France--end up. The parents assure children that they will be there for them, and encourage them to be brave. But they will eventually be sent to an internment camp, which was often used as a buffer for transport to the infamous Auschwitz, where more than 1 million people were killed.

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PS3 Gets A New Firmware Update

Wed, 03/01/2023 - 02:59

Sony has released a PS3 firmware update, version 4.90. There's nothing fancy in the update--it improves system performance and requires a minimum 200 MB of free space on the PS3 hard drive or storage media.

It's impressive to see PS3 updates still rolling out, especially since we're on the fifth generation of PlayStation and there are no more new games being made for the PS3.

Sony did plan to shut down the PS3 storefront in 2021, but reversed its plans after players who still use the PlayStation 3 pushed back against the decision. It is, however, harder to purchase PS3 and Vita content now. Credit and debit cards, as well as Paypal, can't be used to purchase content in PlayStation Store on PS3 or Vita devices. Players need to add funds through other ways like using the desktop or mobile versions of the PlayStation Store, or other PlayStation devices like the PS5.

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Hitman Developer IO Interactive Is Making An Online Fantasy RPG

Wed, 03/01/2023 - 02:52

IO Interactive is looking to go from a World of Assassination to a world that might consist of wizards, elves, and dwarves. The developer has officially announced it's working on an online fantasy RPG and searching for talent to work on the project.

Unnamed so far, IO says this project is "a new world, a new IP--an online fantasy RPG. A world and a game built from the core to entertain players and expand for many years to come." The developer added that all of its studios--Copenhagen, Malmö, and Barcelona--will play a part in the creation of the game.

Concept art for IO Interactive's fantasy RPG project

This type of togetherness in making the online fantasy RPG also plays a notable part in its ethos. "This idea--that a diverse group of individuals with different skills and strengths can work together and become more than the sum of their parts--is what inspires us," IO Interactive wrote on its website.

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Final Fantasy XVI On PC Will Release More Than Six Months After PS5 Version

Wed, 03/01/2023 - 02:47

Final Fantasy XVI producer Naoki Yoshida has confirmed that the PC version of the upcoming JRPG won't launch six months after the PS5 version.

In a Japanese PlayStation Blog post--via Shinobi602--Yoshida dived into all things Final Fantasy XVI, discussing everything from gameplay mechanics, the main cast of characters, story details, and more, ahead of its PS5 release this summer. On bringing the game to PC, the producer explained that he thinks he's caused a stir with his remarks about the eventual platform release but wants to clarify some things.

Yoshida said that although it's true that Final Fantasy XVI is a six-month limited-time exclusive on PS5, the game won't be ready for PC in that time frame. "...It is a completely different story that the PC version will be released in half a year. I will make it clear, but the PC version will not come out in half a year," Yoshida said.

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Xbox Games With Gold Lineup For March 2023 Revealed

Wed, 03/01/2023 - 02:47

Microsoft has announced the lineup for Xbox Games With Gold for March 2023, and it includes three games: Trüberbrook, Sudden Strike 4 Complete Collection, and Lamentum. As with all Games With Gold games, they will be available next month for Gold and Game Pass Ultimate subscribers.

Trüberbrook will be available to download from March 1 to 31. The game, which usually retails for $30, is a sci-fi mystery adventure where you can explore the titular 1960s German village, which hides many secrets. Featuring backgrounds made of handmade miniatures, and all sorts of wacky science as you fight to save the world.

Sudden Strike 4 Complete Collection will be available to grab from March 1 to 31. This World War II RTS game allows you to relive some of the most memorable moments in military history, including in Rommel's Africa, the Finnish front, and the iconic road to Dunkirk. This package includes all five previously released DLCs for Sudden Strike 4, so check it out if you're interested.

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