Innovative School Outreach Projects For School Students To Explore Engineering And IT Activities In A Gameplay Environment

We know that our engineering and IT workforce is not as diverse as it needs to be, and we need to represent how diverse our community is - this is the case across multiple diversity dimensions (intersectionality) e.g., race, ethnicity. gender, education background, socio-economic opportunity etc. Barriers to diverse study and career participation in engineering and IT are complex, and perceptions of who can and should be an engineer or IT professional starts early (before or during primary school years!).

This project will develop innovative school outreach projects for school students to explore engineering and IT activities in a gameplay environment. We will use this gaming activity as part of the school outreach activities in the Women in Engineering and IT program - our FEIT students and staff go out to schools or students come onto campus (COVID-permitting).

The game platform we use or develop on will be discussed at the start of the project, as it depends on the aim, audience and your coding and/or game development background.

This is an open-ended project, we will refine the scope when you start so please feel free to bring in any ideas for discussion!