How video games give players the opportunity to explore gender

This project aims to explore the research done on how video games give players the opportunity to explore gender, focusing on transgender and non-binary people’s experiences while giving baseline information on cisgender people. This prokect will explore the literature created within four categories: mental health, social, the avatar and the game world, and teaching and therapy tools. Mental health benefits help give the player critical thinking, as well as creating an escape to relieve stress and help with depression and anxiety. Games further allow for more social interaction, giving transgender people support, while also allowing some to come out and socially transition within a safe environment. Researchers have found that video games help give players the ability to create their ideal self, which transgender and non-binary people use to help figure out their gender identity and expression. Finally, video games can be used as tools both to help transgender people with mental health help but also to spread awareness about transgender people.