Jaime Garcia

Senior Lecturer

Dr Jaime Garcia is a Senior Lecturer in Games Development at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). 

His research interests lie in exploring the use of interactive video game technologies as a tool to improve physical and mental health of the elderly. 

Before joining UTS, Jaime worked as a Software Engineer at Neuroscience Research Australia, primarily designing, developing and maintaining fall prevention video games and mobile apps for the Falls Balance Injury Research Centre. 

He holds a PhD in Software Engineering and Information Systems from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and a BSc in Computer Science and Engineering from the Ponticia Universidad Javeriana Cali (Colombia).

His research projects include: 

  • The IMMERSE Project (interactive work incorporating live chamber and digital music performance), 
  • Project ELAINE (an asynchronous exergame for the elderly), 
  • Last Island (a computer-aid board game to teach sustainability), 
  • The StepKinnection Project (a bespoke Kinect game to prevent falls in the elderly), 
  • The MobileRehApp (an Augmented Reality mobile game for ankle sprain rehabilitation). 

These projects have led to a series of high-quality publications in prestigious international conferences and journals.

He has also been twice awarded the Branko Cesnik Award for the best scientic paper in 2012 and 2015. 
Jaime's work has been proled by CNET, the Sydney Morning Herald, the 2SER Radio Station, the Australian Ageing Agenda, the Enquiring Minds Television Show on TVS and the UTS News Room.

During his career, Jaime has also worked in several software engineering projects for companies in the finance and accounting sector.

Jaime's research interests are: Health Informatics, Serious Game Design, Game Development, Computer Graphics and Human-Computer Interaction.