Serious Games to Empower Emotional Change for Paediatric Cancer Patients


Paediatric cancer patients, in particular, require a different support system while undergoing treatment. 
Their physiological and psychological needs vary entirely, and a strategy is needed to ensure that they are being empowered to be positive in order to battle with their illness. 
There are extensive numbers of research on coping strategies for cancer patients focusing on either counselling, physical therapy or pharmacological therapy. 


One of the strategies suggested by researchers is to use digital games. The use of digital games amongst cancer patients has shown a significant reduction of the depressive symptoms, and it can also be applied for pain management. However, little has been done to further investigate the effects of playing digital games for paediatric cancer patients. 


Therefore, the main purpose of this research is to develop a digital game prototype that can be played while undergoing the treatments in the hospital as a tool to empower emotional change for paediatric cancer patients. 
Focusing on player experience (PX) and through the use of user-centered design approaches, the main design elements will be focused on the paediatric cancer patients.
Factors that influence them while being hospitalized such as their routines, medical protocols and treatment plan will be incorporated into the design of the prototype. Patients will be included in the entire design and development process to ensure the prototype delivers what is needed by the paediatric cancer patients. 


  1. To design a serious games prototype for paediatric cancer patients whilst undergoing treatment in the hospital.
  2. To develop a serious game prototype for cancer patients whilst undergoing treatment in the hospital.
  3. To evaluate and test the prototype with cancer patients whilst undergoing their treatment in the hospital.

Ultimate Goal

The results from this research will be used  for digital games designers and developers as their guideline to develop digital games for paediatric cancer patients.