Innovative antenatal exergame program to improve maternal and perinatal outcomes in women with obesity in pregnancy

Exergame or active video game is an emerging technology that incorporates entertainment and lower and/or upper body movement (e.g. walking, jogging and other low impact aerobic exercises) and differs from traditional videogames, which are typically played from a seated position. It is believed that exergame intervention may be an approach to promote regular physical activity.

Exergame is a beneficial tool for encouraging individuals to exercise, because the connection of physical activity with the fun of electronic games makes the exercise motivating and enjoyable. Exercise in pregnancy is good for women and their babies because it lower a risk of a number of complications during pregnancy and birth, including, diabetes, hypertension, excessive weight gain, delay during labour, preterm baby, large baby and the need for caesarean section. It’s also an excellent way to maintain physical fitness improve postpartum recovery.

The purpose of the study is to explore pregnant women’s views and experiences of exergaming in pregnancy, and to evaluate how effective exergaming is in promoting regular physical activity and reducing adverse pregnancy and birth outcomes.


We acknowledge the financial support of the Maternal, Newborn and Women’s CAG of Maridulu Budyari Gumal SPHERE.