CogWorldTravel - Early Diagnosis of Dementia in the Elderly

Dementia causes a decline in cognitive abilities. There is a call from the World Health Organization to develop technologies to facilitate and support the daily lives of people with dementia and their carers.

Cognitive Screening Instruments (CSIs) are used to assist in the detection of dementia. These instruments test the different domains of cognition and usually are administered by health professionals in clinical settings. Prior studies have demonstrated that games have potential to be used to test cognition.

This project aims at designinnig  a game-based CSI that can be self-administered by older adults . Like traditional methods, the game tasks involve different cognitive domains to provide a measurement of cognitive performance.

This work is being done in conjunction with health professionals in the space of cognition and mental health in the senior community.

Preliminary studies have shown that CogWorldTravel has potential to collect valuable information while promoting a fun activity for the aged cohort.