Autonomous Monitoring System for Geriatric Persons

The aim of this research project is to aid and assist elderly people live alone, especially those with cognitive impairments or general age-related cognitive decline.

In some cases, elderly people are non-verbal or unable to express or perceive emotions. Elderly people are more susceptible to mental health issues like depression for various reasons such as loss of their socio-economic status or suddenly having to be dependent on others.

This research focuses on detecting and monitoring depression or depressive tendencies in the elderly through least obtrusive means with minimal explicit user input or interaction.

This study will be using smartwatches to collect the user’s walk, sleep and heart data to derive their emotional state (depression centred).

This research intends to reduce caregiver burden and allow the elderly users of the proposed prototype be more independent in terms of caregiver dependence, all the while still being monitored and possibly having emergent care available to them when necessary.