A survey of procedural terrain generation techniques using evolutionary algorithms

This paper provides a review of existing approaches to using evolutionary algorithms (EA) during procedural terrain generation (PTG) processes in video games. A reliable PTG algorithm would allow game maps to be created partially or completely autonomously, reducing the development cost of a game and providing players with more content. Specifically, the use of EA raises possibilities of more control over the terrain generation process, as well as the ability to tailor maps for individual users. In this paper we outline the prominent algorithms that use EA in terrain generation, describing their individual advantages and disadvantages. This is followed by a comparison of the core features of these approaches and an analysis of their appropriateness for generating game terrain. This survey concludes with open challenges for future research.

William L. Raffe
Fabio Zambetta
Xiaodong Li
Presented At: 
Evolutionary Computation (CEC), 2012 IEEE Congress on, pp. 1-8
Conference Proceedings