Reducing perceived waiting time in theme park queues via an augmented reality game

Theme parks visits can be very playful events for families, however, waiting in the ride’s queues can often be the cause of great frustration. We developed a novel augmented reality game to be played in the theme park’s queue, and an in-the-wild study with X participants using log data and interviews demonstrated that every minute playing was perceived to the same extent of about 5 minutes of not playing the game. We articulate a design space for researchers and strategies for game designers aiming to reduce perceived waiting time in queues. With our work, we hope to extend how we use games in everyday life to make our lives more playful.

Fabio Zambetta
William L. Raffe
Marco Tamassia
Florian’Floyd Mueller
Xiaodong Li
Niels Quinten
Rakesh Patibanda
Daniel Dang
Jon Satterley
Presented At: 
ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction (TOCHI)
Journal Article