Procedural Generation of Video Game Cities for Specific Video Game Genres Using WaveFunctionCollapse (WFC)

Virtual cities as background scenarios can be used for many 3D video game genres like action. However, the procedural generation of virtual cities for specific video game genres is an on-going research problem. In this paper, we seek to establish a grounding for future work into city generation for specific game genres by exploring how game designers approach existing generation tool-sets. Firstly, we look at the video game city Skara Brae from the party-based role-playing game The Bard's Tale and try to replicate it using the Wave Function Collapse (WFC) approach to procedural generation. We show in two experimental conditions which parameters for WFC are suitable for replicating the city. Secondly, a pilot user study with eight users shows how they approach creating different video game cities after they preselect a video game genre. The users' video game level ideas are then discussed, and different output levels are generated using WFC.

Werner Gaisbauer
William L. Raffe
Jaime A. Garcia
Helmut Hlavacs
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CHI PLAY '19 Extended Abstracts Extended Abstracts of the Annual Symposium on Computer-Human Interaction in Play Companion Extended Abstracts
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