AUDIO FIRST Student Game Jam (Day 1)

Hi Everyone
Here is a sneak peek of day 1 of the AUDIO FIRST Student Game Jam:

Day 1 has been a very exciting and fun day for our students and guests.
40+ students from Games, IT, Music and Sound Design, Computer Science, Engineering, among others, have joined in the challenge of making a game in 48 hours.
The event opened with a very insightful and inspiring workshop on Audio Technologies for Gaming, by our colleague Dr. Michael Mason (from Dolby Australia)
For the theme of the jam, we asked each student to write a crazy idea on a little piece of paper. Then, we mixed all the ideas and randomly chose three of them. 
The winning ideas were:
•    Gun
•    Run!
•    Sticky
The challenge now is to make a game that incorporates all these crazy ideas in less than 48 hours.
Our students will have until tomorrow evening to submit their games and win one of these three amazing awards:
•    Best Sound Design
•    Most innovative Audio-based Game mechanic
•    Best audio-ONLY game (no video for gameplay)
The prizes also include a visit to Dolby Australia, where the winners will get the chance to go on a tour of the facilities and showcase their games.
Don’t forget to join us tomorrow for the award ceremony where we will announce the winners of the event!
What: Audio First Student Game Jam – Award Ceremony 
Where: CB07.03.10
Time: 5:00PM – 7:00 PM
Food and Prizes
Stay tuned for more updates