ZONTA Women in Engineering and IT Award

A big congratulations to Natassja Sundara on winning the 2018 ZONTA Women in Engineering and IT Award!

Natassja is a third year BSc. Games Development student at UTS and a student representative under the UTS SPROUTS program. She has contributed immensely to the university community by helping with open days, working at outreach events with high school students, and being a regular member of the UTS Women in Engineering and IT (WiEIT) community. She has also won her fair share of prizes over the years from the Autumn Games Showcase and Spring Prototype Exhibition for the innovative (and sometimes terrifying) game designs she has co-created with her team mates.

You can read more about the ZONTA award below:

To see some of the work Natassja has produced over the years at UTS, please see below!

Well done Natassja! We can't wait to see what you do next!