Sound Project Showcase - Celebrating 6 years of a successful collaboration

We are pleased to announce that for the sixth consecutive year, we have joined forces with FASS to facilitate a multidisciplinary collaboration between 3rd-year students in the BSc in Games Development (BGD) and the Bachelor of Music and Sound Design (MSD).

The two cohorts have done an amazing job combining their areas of expertise and have created seven exciting games with fantastic music and sound effects.

The outcomes of these successful collaborations were presented in a fabulous showcase last week featuring sound works with a huge variety of approaches, including installations, 3D audio spatialization, live electronic interactive performance works

Attendees had the chance to see the games developed by the BGD students and experienced the tailor-made music and sound effects created by the MSD counterparts.

2022 Game Projects


Adder Infiltration

Battle for Terrak




Project Inertia


Time Crunch


Special Thanks to

  • Ian Stevenson (Subject Coordinator, Sound Project)
  • Amanda Cole (Casual Academic, Sound Project)
  • Benedict Carey (Casual Academic, Sound Project)
  • Padraic Heaton (Casual Academic, Game Design Studio 2)


To provide an active and collaborative learning experience that prepares final year students for industry, Dr Felicity Wilcox, Music and Sound Design (MSD), and Dr Jaime Garcia, BSc in Games Development (BGD), have worked together since 2017 to develop a formal collaboration between third year students from both degrees undertaking major projects in their final semester.

For their final assessment students in the Game Design Studio 2 subject built new games, and the opportunity to create original sound design and music for these games was extended to MSD students in the Sound Project subject as an option for their assessment.