NVIDIA Masterclass: Essentials of USD in Omniverse - UTS Tech Festival 2024

Thanks Johan Barthelemy for the practical workshop on Universal Scene Description (USD) and how it all fits together within the world of Omniverse.

Thanks NVIDIA for supporting the 2024 UTS Tech Festival !

About this Workshop:

After a brief introduction to Omniverse and its main features, this workshop introduced Universal Scene Description (OpenUSD) which is transforming 3D data modeling across various industries and is poised to be the open standard that enables the 3D evolution of the internet — the metaverse. 

In this hands-on training, Johan presented what makes USD unique and the fundamentals for describing, composing, simulating, and collaborating within 3D worlds. 

Atendees learned about data modelling using Prims, attributes, relationships, and custom schemas and composition for scene assembly and collaboration.

The hands-on portion of the training utilised the USD Python API to experiment with the fundamental concepts of USD.

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