Echo Rush wins the Best Student Game Award at SXSW

EchoRush, a second-year student game from the Bachelor of Games Development at UTS, takes the first place at the SXSW Best Student Game competition.

SXSW Sydney is a week-long event where the tech and innovation, games, music and screen industries converge with culture for unexpected discoveries. It brings together inspired thinkers, creators and innovators from across the world for a series of conferences, festivals, an expo and parties.

This award celebrates the creativity, innovation, and dedication of the next generation of developers.

The finalist for this award were:

  • EchoRush (University of Technology Sydney, Samuel Coa, Natasha Kelly, Lauren Szmandiuk) [WINNER]
  • AntiCitizen Red (Academy of Interactive Technology)
  • Math is Horror (JMC Academy)

About EchoRush

EchoRush is a 2D platformer where you play as a young bat who has been accidentally left behind by his family. Echolocate to "see" through the darkness, maneuver through obstacles, and chase after your family!

Echolocate to reveal the area around you for a limited time. Use your memory (or don't) of the revealed environment to quickly navigate through obstacles and platform your way closer to your family, who are flying further away from you each second. Stray too far from them and you will be left behind, so move fast!

Made By: Samuel Coa, Natasha Kelly, Lauren Szmandiuk