Big shout out to the UTS Playmakers Student Society Execs - UTS Tech Festival

Big shout out to the UTS Playmakers Student Society Execs: Michael Lam, Samuel Coa, Luc Holland, Stephen Roberts and Ethan Roychoudhry, for their logistical support at the UTS Tech Festival game events 

Playmakers were instrumental in the success of several events including:

  • Tech Fest Game Jam (sponsored by MSI)
  • Armless Samurai Competition (sponsored by MSI)
  • Mock Video Game Auditions With Aimee Smith
  • A Fireside With Kitty
  • Accessible Games Through The Ages
  • Designing Video Games for Virtual Reality 

A special recognition goes to Luc Holland for his amazing networking skills and passion for the games industry

Luc enriched the Tech Fest line-up by engaging with his high-caliber industry contacts: 

  • Katherine Grace (Content Lead – PAX AUS)
  • Aimee Smith (Full-Time Voice Over Artist for Video Games, Animations, Audiobooks, IVR, Commercials, Explainers and eLearning)
  • Antony Clements (Founder and Game Developer - Wheelie Good Games)

Katherine, Aimee, and Antony... Huge thanks to you all. You were extremely generous with your time and knowledge. You came all the way to UTS to share your stories, successes, lessons learned, and career insights with our current students. Very much appreciated