The IMMERSE project

IMMERSE, is a collaboration between the School of Software, Interaction Design discipline (FEIT), the School of Communications, Music and Sound Design discipline (FASS), and UTS ensemble-in-residence, the Australia Piano Quartet (APQ)

It is an interactive work incorporating live chamber and digital music performance, immersive electronic sound and three-dimensional (3D) visual design, created specifically for the UTS Data Arena, an interactive audiovisual space that offers state-of-the-art multi-screen projection and multi-speaker sound diffusion technology.

The IMMERSE project will develop new knowledge that can be applied to the areas of interdisciplinary performance, virtual reality, augmented reality, interactivity, and immersive sound, but most importantly, it will explore the concept of inclusion that caters for performers and audiences with disabilities.


The IMMERSE project draws on the specialized knowledge and prior research of researchers from the Music and Sound Design (FASS) and Interaction Design (FEIT) disciplines at UTS. Based on popular perceptions, chamber music is a rarified art form, targeted to educated audiences, that caters to an exclusive demographic. The APQ and the researchers involved in this project are intent on developing more inclusive approaches to classical musical performance that engage new audiences and communicate via new modes of expression. 


IMMERSE incorporates acoustic and electronic music, immersive audio and interactive audiovisual elements customized to UTS’s Data Arena to explore how innovative frameworks for interactive performance facilitate greater immersion and inclusion for performers and audiences of diverse backgrounds. Specifically, the work aims to extend the usual reach of chamber music and electronic music performance into a more inclusive format, that caters to performers and audiences with disability, as well as audiences of diverse ages, gender, cultural and linguistic backgrounds.


  • Dr. Felicity Wilcox (FASS, Music and Sound Design)
  • Dr. Robert Sazdov (FASS, Music and Sound Design)
  • Martin Peploe (FASS, Music and Sound Design)
  • Thomas Rann (Australia Piano Quartet)
  • James Wannan (Australia Piano Quartet)
  • Matt Hughes (FEIT, School of Software, Interaction Design)
  • Adam Bursil (FEIT, School of Software, Game Design and Development)
  • Dr. Jaime Garcia (FEIT, School of Software, Game Design and Development)