Healthcare Simulation Training using Immersive 360 Branching Scenarios and a Productive Failure Approach

Healthcare simulation is increasingly being used in health-related professional training for the development of clinical reasoning and recent studies have suggested that immersive virtual reality (VR) can be used when physical simulations are not viable. The aim of the proposed project is to enhance simulation-based nursing training at UTS by using a Productive Failure pedagogical approach, 360 degree videos, and interactive VR.


The StepKinnection project explores the use of interactive video games to reduce the risk of falling in elderly. Our approach consists on developing games that combine the fun factor inherent in video games with a clinical assessment tool. While the entertainment factor engages the person in to exercising, the incorporation of a clinical test allows for the continuous assessment of health outcomes.


The Mobile RehApp Project investigates the use of Mobile Augmented Reality (MAR) for therapeutic support that aims to assist physiotherapists and patients on ankle sprain rehabilitation. People struggle to recover from injuries due to the lack of commitment to their rehabilitation exercises as they are often boring. Recent approaches that involve the use of interactive video games have shown positive results in exercising as users engage in physical activity while playing a game.