Co-Director, Teaching Staff

Dr Jaime Garcia is a Lecturer in Games Development at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). 

His research interests lie in exploring the use of interactive video game technologies as a tool to improve physical and mental health of the elderly. 

Co-Director, Teaching Staff

Dr William L. Raffe is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Software, Co-Director of the Games Studio research lab, Program Coordinator of the BSc. in Games Development, and a member of the Faculty Board for the Faculty of Engineering and IT.

Teaching Staff

I am lecturing in the Faculty of Engineering and IT in Games design Studio and the Professional Practice Program. I develop online and blended learning resources using games and multimedia to provide more engaging material and practice-based learning.

Teaching Staff

Luke Mathieson is a theoretical computer scientist and Scholarly Teaching Fellow at UTS. His research is centred on parameterised complexity and its applications, but extends to a variety of areas of complexity theory, algorithmics and mathematics.


Yusuf Pisan is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). He is the director of the Games Studio and member of the Human Centred Technology Design (HCTD) research strength.

Former Co-Director

Chek Tien Tan is currently an Assistant Professor with the InfoComm Technology Cluster at the Singapore Institute of Technology.