Time Collector


In Time Collector, the aim of the game is to survive each level by reaching the end, but deadly pitfalls, spikes and enemies lie on your way to steal what little time you have left, when you run out of time, you die. Collect chrono coins to replenish time and to advance through levels. Levels will progressively get more complex and difficult, requiring tighter movement to get through as new objects block your way. Each level builds upon the previous, allowing for new abilities to be used and mastered such as wall climb, double jumping and spring bouncing to get through the level as fast as possible. Score is based on your total time left allowing for competitiveness between multiple players to see who can get the best time. This focus on time and speed will reach the players who enjoy games for a challenge, and replayability.

Introduction to Game Design
Mahinda Viryanata
Caleb O’Reilly
Liangde Yang
Jianan Wu