Up Styx Creek


Up Styx Creek is a single player platform game. The player is thrusted into a world where they must daringly travel to the underworld, at the top of Mount Olympus to save their girlfriend from impending doom. With a unique sense of humour, the player must defeat ruthless monsters, daring leaps over cavernous pits and giant insects. By harnessing the energy of souls the player must defend love’s honour and battle the greatest beast known to mankind, the CGI dog from Harry Potter (also known as Cerberus for you history buffs). The key selling points of this game is the fighting mechanisms, the use of souls as weapons and the small easter eggs hidden throughout the game. The game is a classic platform, however the mob design, challenging level designs and the core mechanics are what draws players to the game and keeps them engaged, challenged and enjoying the game.

Introduction to Game Design
William Varney
Aimee Woods