Silence in the Library


Silence in the library is Musical puzzle adventure game. It’s all about to escape yourself from library. Player supposed to find the exit door in the dark library by defeating the enemy. It is very simple to play game with the tutorial at the beginning and followed by some hints when player supposed to use some logic to find the way. Moreover, he can enter in the new room by finding the stairs. So, player must look for the stairs in each room. Each level has difficulties which restrict player for entering in the new level. Difficulties such as Ghost, big dark circle, Traps, Hitting arrows and darkness itself. Player doesn’t have any power to kill the enemies throughout the game but he can save himself by using special tool setting called deterrent ammunition. deterrent ammunition is enable the blue light for short period of time which slow down the enemy, so enemy will stay away from the player. Player is having the torch light always with him which just work for some time after that player should find the flame to fire it again. Player will get a door opener ammunition so he can use those keys to unlock the door. Game has such a sound effect which continuously playing in the background. There are different types of sound effects for each action. Moreover, player must grab his deterrent ammunition power in each level for determining the enemy which he can get in each level. Player can use one deterrent ammunition power for only once after he picked it. Player will win the game when he escapes the library.

Game Design Studio 1
Siyu Zhou
Anming Lu
Jay Kshatriya
Teddy Tran