A Rainy Day


Download the game here: https://edisu.itch.io/a-rainy-day


A single player puzzle game where the player character moves through a city using crowd-based AI navigation to follow the connected paths that are available. The player interacts with the characters movement by manipulating the location and rotation of the buildings in the environment like a sliding block puzzle. After arranging the buildings in a preparation phase, the player will then set the crowds free in order to observe how they navigate and see if their planning pays off in order for the player character to achieve one or more objectives. Additionally, the player can open stores, change traffic lights and cause objects to block off paths can be used to adjust the AI pathing. The initial goal is for the game to feel cozy and relaxing but can become more complex if it is significantly beneficial for gameplay. 

Game Design Studio 2
Dale Grant
Oleh Rybak
Jordan Hamlin
Edward Su
Ziyu Guo (Kenny) [Music and Sound]
Sachi Velins [Music and Sound]
Jacob Yang [Music and Sound]