Following a map to a long-forgotten fantasy land, you do the only reasonable thing and set up a small town right on top. Unknown dangers and treasures await your townsfolk, so the town requires adventurers to protect it and explore the surrounding areas. However, the chaos that the adventuring lifestyle brings can often times cause more problems than it solves.

A turn-based roguelike city builder, where each day you have limited wealth to manage your city. As your city increases, it attracts more adventurers whose needs must be met. Chaos will inevitably ensue, so be ready to face all that running an adventuring town brings!

  • Construct buildings!
  • Attract adventurers!
  • Read the news!
  • Discover new building types!
  • Go on quests!
  • Fend off your inevitable demise...

It is up to you, the regional middle manager of the adventurers guild to grow this small hamlet into a bustling city. Will you stand the test of time, or will your works return to dust as many have before?

Game Design Studio 1
Ben Kelly
Jordan Hamlin
Jonathan Moallem
Dale Grant
Edward Su
Oleh Rybak