Next Thursday


The universe was created Last Thursday… and so it shall perish Next Thursday!

The aim of our game Next Thursday is to survive as long as possible and last until next Thursday without getting killed by the cult church followers. The cult church sends out new cult followers and archbishop enemies which shoot at you when you come in contact with them. They can also sense your location when you stay in one area for a long time. So to avoid being killed you need to collect as much men in your army and push yourself into the middle of your army for protection. When your army or you trample on your enemies you get extra points. Gift boxes are used in the game to change the appearance of the player, so when you get a gift you will see a new randomly selected skin design as your player. This game uses different kinds of modes when you start playing each level eg angry mode, trippy mode, frozen mode, retro mode, cartoony mode and many more. You can pick from several different modes for each level. Once the game has ended, you can see the game over screen with your high score.

Introduction to Game Design
Sean Simon
Peiming (Alex) Lin
Alex Dacre
Quoc Huy (Ben) Nguyen
Duc Hieu (Mike) Pham
Ryan Ahadizad