Game Development Dev Ops with a Reinforcement AI Testing Agent


With the rising cost of game development in both time and money, more work needs to be done to help automate some aspects of this. AI can be used to take on some of the repetitive and time-consuming tasks, allowing the developers more time to focus on other aspects of the game. This work is a step in that direction. It focuses on automating one aspect of the testing process of game development. Is the game completable? It investigates the game engine Unity, its new ML Agents library and how it can be used to test a simple computer game named Roll A Ball. This work also theorizes how this testing automation could one day be a simple and easy to use platform integrated into already existing online dev ops tools. This would give game developers a detailed set of test results from their game whenever changes are made. This is the end result of a 12-week development and testing cycle, as part of the undergraduate subject Games & Graphics in a Bachelor of Science in Game Development at the University of Technology, Sydney. 

Games and Graphics Project
Adam Bursill