Blastov! Take to the skies and fight your way through hordes of robots to get the highest combo possible and impress the comrades. Stay in the air as long as possible and blast the robots into pieces!

  • You have three trusty tools at your disposal to take on this heinous challenge. Propel yourself to new heights and deal massive damage with the rocket launcher! Unleash a barrage of bullets with the swift and speedy machine gun while dashing through the air! Grind along walls and platforms with the chainsaw!
  • Our comrade Viktor Blastov has an ace up his sleeve that can assist in getting the highest combo possible...Time Manipulation! You are able to slow down time so that it's much easier to nail a bullet or rocket right between the eyes...assuming robots have eyes.
  • How do you get a high combo score you ask? Keep your feet off the ground and string together impressive mid-air shots!

There is no right way to tackle this game so be creative and aim to get the highest score possible!

Game Design Studio 1
Brendan Micallef
Ailin Gist
Gandi Matar
Jonathon Noujaim
Laith Noaman
Stephen Vlahadamis