Recent News

FEIT Blue Sky funding for the project: Serious Games and Models for Sustainable Futures

Ongoing: William Raffe and Jaime Garcia, in collaboration with Distinguished Prof. Alexey Voinov (SML), were awarded FEIT Blue Sky funding for the project “Serious Games and Models for Sustainable Futures”. The project hired one systems modelling PhD student, Firouzeh Taghikhah, and two top undergraduate BSc.

You + AI + Games

Dr. William Raffe, along with Games Studio PhD candidates and undergraduate students, presented at the You + A.I. Creative Clusters series of  UTS public workshops, organized by Leah Lucas and Claire Marshall from the  UTS Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Creative Intelligence Unit. The specific topic for discussion on the evening was "A.I. and the Future of US", which focused on our changing relationship now and into the future with intelligent machines and covered topics of health, creativity, and ethics.

Active and collaborative cross-disciplinary learning between Music and Sound Design students (FASS) and BSc in Games Development Students (FEIT)

To provide an active and collaborative learning experience that prepares final year students for industry, Dr Felicity Wilcox, Music and Sound Design (MSD), and Dr Jaime Garcia, BSc in Games Development (BGD), worked together throughout 2017 to develop a formal collaboration between third year students from both degrees undertaking major projects in their final semester, and implemented this initiative in Spring, 2017.

The 2017 Music and Sound Design + Games Development 3rd Year Student Showcase (FEIT + FASS)

This year, for the first time ever, we joined forces with FASS in order to facilitate a multidisciplinary collaboration between 3rd year students in the BSc in Games Development and in Music and Sound Design.

The students have done an amazing job combining their areas of expertise and have created four exciting games with fantastic music and sound effects.