Recent News

IMMERSE made it into the 2019 Sydney Festival

We are happy to share that the UTS Games Studio has been successful in participating in the 2019 Sydney Festival.

IMMERSE, a one-of-a-kind project, consisted of 360-degree video projections that morphed and changed in response to live performances of classical and electronic music. This new collaborative project was created for the UTS Data Arena, an interactive audiovisual space.

IMMERSE originated from the idea that all new knowledge builds on past knowledge. The music performed reflects, abstracts and contemplates works that have gone before. 

The 2018 Music and Sound Design + Games Development 3rd Year Student Showcase (FEIT + FASS)

For the second consecutive year, we joined forces with FASS in order to facilitate a multidisciplinary collaboration between 3rd year students in the BSc in Games Development and in Music and Sound Design.

Our students have done an amazing job combining their areas of expertise and have created seven exciting games with fantastic music and sound effects.