Speaking about Game Mods on 2SER-107.3FM

Dr. William Raffe was recently invited to speak on a local podcast series, "Think: Digital Futures", hosted by Jake Morcom from 2SER (107.3FM). This series explores a range of topics surround modern technology and how it is shapping our future. 

In this specific episode, Jake looks into the craft of game modding - the act of "modifying" an existing, commercial game, by its community of players to create entirely new experiences within the game. Along with Karl Munstedt, creator of the Grand Theft Homo mod, William discusses the technology behind modding, the motivation of the modders themselves, the future of mods, and how mod communities can aid in building the popularity and success of a game.

The podcast can be found on the web ( https://player.whooshkaa.com/episode?id=397078 ), as well as on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.