Social Distance Game Jam

With the university currently putting the semester on pause, the Playmakers Student Society is making the most of a unique situation.

Game Jam time! -

Playmakers have organized a fully online Game Jam, running for the next five days… and with the theme of “Toilet Paper” (fitting).

As this is essentially a bonus week in your semester and may not have got stuck into your assessments yet, this is a great opportunity to make a small game, refresh their skills, add to their portfolio, and meet other people in the degree and the Playmakers student society.

Also worth noting is that the society plans to host more online jams like this roughly once a month, along with an assortment of other activities to connect the UTS community and the local industry.

We look forward to seeing the results of this Social Distancing Jam and playing their games on .

Stay safe, stay inside, and jam!